[Review] All Night – Soyou ft. SIK-K

Making her solo comeback after almost a year’s absence from the KPOP scene is Soyou. The last time we saw her on stage was with The Night, which was released back in December 2017. Her latest comeback is All Night, which features on the second half of her 1st album, RE:FRESH. Known for her ballads and love songs, Soyou opted for a dance-centred comeback which turns on the heat and makes things very interesting, as you will know of if you continue reading.

All Night takes the on the growing trend of Latin influences, specifically the more traditional musical style of tango. I think using this style of music allows for her breathy voice to really shine and lift the sexiness level to a whole new level. It is also an interesting sound, as KPOP tends to steer towards a pop sound, rather than going full out with the tango. I thought the chorus was really dynamic with its presentation. I like how her lines went and it made the song memorable. There was a jazzy number during the bridge of the song, which I thought liven things up. SIK.K also featured with a rap, which gave the song some intensity and modern flair. His part didn’t technically go hand-in-hand with the rest of the song but it wasn’t to the point where it felt too awkward. Overall, I like her new song quite a bit.

Oh, how the world of ratings in South Korea never makes any sense. How this video got a 15+ rating beats me. The entire time I was totally speechless and surprised at how sexual the video got. But it definitely matched the very sexy sound of the tango. Soyou plays the role of a cat (who transforms into a human) and basically seduces her partner (or in this case, a stranger at the bar). Things get quite steamy towards the end of the video. I thought the editing in this video was really well done. The turning transitions between Soyou/Male Lead and Soyou’s dance break were really well done.

I thought the smooth movements during the verses and the sharp movements for the chorus were really ideal for this song, as they remind me of the tango a fair bit (I may have watched a bit of Dancing With The Stars growing up). I liked how sexy the performance got and I loved the dance break at the end.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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