[Review] Breaking Down – DAY6

DAY6 has returned to Japan with a brand new single titled as Breaking Down. Earlier this year, the band their Japanese debut with If We Can Meet Again and returned with Stop The Rain after a few months. Now, the band has returned with not just a new single but will be releasing a new album, titled as Unlock, shortly.

It seems like DAY6 is sticking to that one style for their Japanese comebacks, as the songs have approached the spectrum of rock in one way or another. Breaking Down is their most intense Japanese release yet, with energy and intensity thrown right at you from the very start. There is also an electrifying feel to the song, attributed to the electric guitars of course, that really makes me sit on the edge of my seat for this song. The chorus was really exceptional, kicking the song to a new level and that short vibration-like synth in the middle of the chorus was well-placed and somehow filled an empty void which I did not know exist. I also like the instrumental breaks and the way their vocals leapt out at you. Lastly, I liked the mixture of English and Japanese in this song. The verses at the start were purely in English, while the pre-chorus and chorus itself were Japanese. While that doesn’t sound that amazing, I personally felt it was very cool.

I think the way the video was put together was even cooler. The song was intense and they managed to use only a strip of the screen to really show off some edge. It felt just right and watching the video, you would expect no less. The use of colours in the background only allowed for the individual scenes to really pop out and it allowed for each of the members to be emphasised as they ‘scroll’ pass. The editing was awesome and it is a very original idea.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9.4/10

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