[Review] Lost N Found – Lovelyz

Joining the November comeback influx is Lovelyz. Known for their youthful comebacks, the girl group has been growing even more popular with each comeback. Now, the group has returned with their fifth mini album, Sanctuary, which features the title track, Lost N Found. This is their first comeback since Wag-Zak (released back in June) and the release of their first compilation album (Muse on Music), which is made up of instrumentals of many of their past tracks.

In just the first few seconds of the song, I thought Lovelyz was going to have a dramatic change in their sound. It was 100% techno, so that was very surprising. But within another few seconds, the group returned to their usual sound, with that techno infused into it. Well, during the purely instrumental sections, it felt more like distortion. But it gave their usual sound a facelift, which I thought was really clever. Their vocals brought the traditional Lovelyz sound and a hint of cuteness to the track. It was a really good track up until the bridge. I thought that the transition between the chorus to the bridge felt a little too sudden and this just cut the flow of the song for me. Its buildup back to the final chorus was quite lacklustre, nor was there really anything to call a ‘peak’. Overall, the song is good but not their best.

What they had visually was a very nice video. I just didn’t understand the imagery or symbolism of what they were doing. It might be retelling a story of a certain someone, where this certain someone fits in with the objects they were holding and the lyrics of the song but I have no idea who (maybe a Goddess). But besides the plot of the video, I thought the set looked really beautiful. It matches Lovelyz bright personality and beauty.

To fit in with the beauty and the concept, each of the members is holding microphones covered in flowers. While this seems quite ‘normal’ when you think about it, it is rather smart when on stage. Instead of drabby looking microphones, why not have them fit the theme or their outfits. I thought the intro choreography looked really nice and it matched the edgy side of the techno music extremely well. There was also this staggering move that I liked during the bridge.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.2/10

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