[Review] Milkshake – FANATICS-FLAVOR

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It is interesting to see more companies do pre-debut promotions for their groups. FANATICS is an upcoming girl group from FENT, with the currently confirmed lineup: Rensika, Doah, Chiayi, Yoonhye, SangAh, and Hyewon. While the official debut date hasn’t been set yet, the group have already kicked off promotions with a subunit. Doah, Chiayi and Yoonhye formed a subunit named FANATIC-FLAVOR and released their first single, Milkshake, last week.

Milkshake could have been better if the instrumentation was a little more energetic and fun sounding. I personally feel that the song lacked these elements, which is why I am not that interested in the song. I feel like the song could have been more memorable with more of these elements. The instrumental is synth-pop, with its sound reminding me of some arcade games (which probably inspired part of the music video). I did find their vocals a little interesting. It wasn’t 100% expressive as other groups, but the way the vocals and the instrumental blended together gave the song an innocent sound, which I think fits the concept well. And that is one of the main charms of the song. The song isn’t terrible in anyway. It just isn’t a song that I would be playing constantly. However, I wouldn’t mind putting this song once in a while.

I think the winning part of this debut is the music video. While I tend to be harsh towards cutesy concept because it is so overdone, I couldn’t help but enjoy this one due to its oddness. The girls want some sort of dairy product (let it be milkshakes, ice-cream or just plain old milk). But they face a shortage due to one tired (and possible selfish cow). While trying to steal some milk from the cow, it wakes up and then there is arcade game like fight showdown between the two, resulting in the cow being knocked down. They then successful fulfil their desires for a milkshake. The music video concept doesn’t scream norm, but it is a light-hearted takeaway from reality, which I really liked.

As for their performance, I am not really much of a fan. I don’t find it impressive but it was fitting for the song. It is cutesy but like the song, quite unenergetic.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 5/10
Overall Rating – 6.4/10

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