[Album Review] Remember Us: Youth Part 2 (4th Mini Album) – DAY6

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DAY6 made their retro comeback last week with Days Gone By. And once again, I have returned to have a closer look at the album in which Days Gone By is featured on (Remember Us: Youth Part 2). The mini-album is the continuation of their Youth series, which follows from their Shoot Me: Youth Part 1 and Shoot Me single release back in July of this year. Remember Us also features Beautiful Feeling, which was also another single release during the year (and I have provided some more background information when it comes to that song below).

Remember Us: Youth Part 2 Album Cover

1..Hurt Road (아픈 길) – The album starts off with a ballad. Like any song that starts off an album, it has to be a good ballad as it is the first impression to the entire tracklist. I think the build-up in this song was done in a very nice manner. The vocals are at the forefront of the song and they do sound spectacular. But while Hurt Road does line up with other ballads DAY6 has released in the past, I thought the song was rather dry and forgettable. It just felt like a normal ballad and didn’t really have any outstanding factors that really make it suitable to be the first track on the album. (7/10)

2. Days Gone By (행복했던 날들이었다)Click here to read the full review for Days Gone By. (9/10)

3. Headache (두통)Headache is not a headache-inducing track, so don’t you worry. However, it is a more hardcore rock sound that DAY6 hasn’t really gone to yet. And I think, given the quality of this song, I would love to hear more of it. It is energetic and extremely dynamic. I thought their vocals were good in this song. They were slightly filtered to give the song an additional electrifying layer. While they kept the momentum going for most of the song, there was a pause to really amp up the final chorus. But I thought that just cut the flow. But other than that, an amazing song. (9/10)

4. 121U – We return once again to the rock sound. Just this one isn’t as hardcore as the previous song. It is also a style that I am used when I listen to rock music, so there is a sense of familiarity. The song starts off well and it builds up to an explosive and driven chorus, which left like it could have just kept on going. I really liked that edging effect that the instrumental gave us in the chorus. I felt like their vocals could have been slightly louder, as the instrumental did overshadow the vocals for the most part. I think the standout moment (aside from the chorus) was the bridge, where the vocals completely smashed it out of the park. (8/10)

5. So Cool (완전 멋지잖아) – To me, So Cool takes on the punk rock genre, with a lot of the elements and sounds in the song reminding me of the said genre. It isn’t pronounced, however. Instead, it goes for a subtler approach. I thought the vocals were nice, especially the falsetto during the verses. The rapping added a nice touch of edge to the song, which I think was needed as the song felt very linear in nature. I think the song could have been more energetic and gone for some interesting details in the instrumental. It is a satisfying song, but it felt held back for the most part. (8/10)

6. Marathon (마라톤) – Personally, Marathon is one of the weaker songs of the bunch. And it isn’t because it is a terrible song. Marathon has this feel-good vibe to it that makes the song feel bright and carefree. It doesn’t feel like it pushed boundaries and given how the songs so far have been more of the edgy type of something a little more energetic, I felt like this was a weak progression for the track list. The vocals were really nice, especially when everyone is singing together for the first section of the final chorus. I thought the bridge made the song feel a little too disjointed and the sudden ending was a miss for me. (7.5/10)

7. Beautiful Feeling – I think Beautiful Feeling would have been a better song to move onto from So Cool. Beautiful Feeling was released back in September for the fans in celebration of the band’s 3rd anniversary. I really liked the melody of the song. Sure, it didn’t push any boundaries and wasn’t edgy but you could feel their gratitude in the song. The vocal work of the song was amazing, with the featuring of Dowoon in the bridge being the highlight of the song for me, which makes the song more meaningful to fans and DAY6 themselves. (8.5/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.1/10

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