[Review] Home – SEVENTEEN

After the highly anticipated release of their darkest sound and concept (Getting Closer) yet, all fans are waiting to see what SEVENTEEN would promote for their upcoming album release. Well, the wait is over as SEVENTEEN is officially back with a brand new song, Home. It is featured on the group’s, You Made My Dawn, which is a continuation of their 2018 album You Make My Day (which features their previous Korean comeback title track, Oh My!).

Home is a rather interesting track, mainly because we haven’t heard anything just like it KPOP. Based on what I am reading, the song is an R&B urban fusion. And this a fusion that I would gladly check out in the future, as Home is quite memorable. The song doesn’t feel as hard-hitting as their previous title tracks. Instead, there is an emotive side to the song that you can just sense. It creates an interesting atmosphere. The chorus was probably my favourite bit. With SEVENTEEN’s songs, you expect them to go with a hard-hitting drop. But with this track, the chorus felt more spaced out and aesthetically pleasing. We don’t get that kick until the end, which I thought was very appropriate. Once again, the vocals and rapping were amazing. I think the winning members of the song is either Wonwoo, who got to sing in this song as opposed to his usual rapping, or DK, who voice just stands out from the pack. Overall, Home is another solid track from the group.

I just watched the music video very briefly. But I don’t see much connection between Oh My!, Getting Closer or Home. The earlier two videos were shown to be connected. So I am interested to see how Home fits in, as the aesthetics from this video seem to point towards the same producers of the other two music videos. One clever individual on YouTube noticed that there were elements from every SEVENTEEN music video to date within Home, such as the sofa from Pretty U, the beach imagery that was shown in Don’t Wanna Cry etc. I really like the start with individual shots of each member and then the cinematography throughout the rest of the video.

Every time I write a review for SEVENTEEN, the comments when it comes to the performance section of the review is basically the same. Amazing choreography to really draw in the crowd. And this is no exception. I like how they made the routine chill at the start and once the kick at the end was delivered, the performance also featured a kick in energy and power.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

7 thoughts on “[Review] Home – SEVENTEEN

  1. Thanks for reviewing seventeen’s new song! Home is one of my favorite song in YMMDawn and as a CARAT, Im glad to see that so many people enjoyed and love this song too 😁


    1. I am actually a very big fan of Seventeen. All their title tracks are amazing and they definitely have a lot of cool songs on their albums!

      And I watch a lot of their variety show stuff and it always make me laugh. I really like their playful personalities, which is completely different to what we see on stage!


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