[Album Review] Light Us (1st Mini Album) – ONEUS

Apologies that this album review is 2 days late. I had some unexpected things to take care of on Sunday (when this was originally intended to be published) and this caused things to become a little out of place on Monday. But despite that, there will be two album reviews (this one and the ‘past album review’) coming out today. ONEUS’ is RBW Entertainment’s latest boy group, who made their debut last week with Valkirye. Given their amazing title track, I decided to check them out, which resulted in this album review.

Light Us Album Cover

1..LIGHT US (Intro Track) – I usually don’t review the introductory track. Simply because it is usually an instrumental piece. But LIGHT US contains vocals, so there is that to at least to comment on. I like the classy feel the track has. Adding the pretty cool vocals and that rough texturized voice from the rapper, it is a very nice track to start off with. (7/10)

2. ZigZag (삐뚤빼뚤) – This, along with the title track, pretty much got me wanting to write an album review. This one is so damn good. Opening the song is the main hook of the song (just in a completely different edited and electronic filtered voice). But it, along with it in normal vocals, is super addictive. The chorus is equally as catchy. Within just a few listens, I was already humming along. I liked how crisp the vocals were and those raps were just right! Overall, an absolute favourite for me. (9/10)

3. Valkyrie (발키리) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of Valkyrie. (9/10)

4. Red Thread (붉은 실) – The song started off as a ballad. There was a sense of stillness from the instrumental, quite slow moving. You do expect the song to gradually build up but the chorus was rather unexpecting. I personally find it capable of fitting some nice choreography and it felt like it contained some dance influences. But while I do think that, the song does allow the members to focus on their vocals and raps. The delivery and all was just magnificent. (9/10)

5. EYE CONTACTEYE CONTACT is probably the song that is closest to a trend at the moment. It is quite bright and vibrant if I were to use words to describe the song. It features an EDM-based instrumental that I quite like. The song has nice vocals and the rapping gave the song a hip-hop influence, which once again was quite likeable. I did have a slight thought that the song was borderline on the repetitive side as the same drop was used throughout the song and there weren’t really any new additions to give the song a ‘changeup’. (7/10)

6. HERO – Like EYE CONTACT, HERO is an EDM-based song. But the words I would use to describe it isn’t similar to the previous song. Instead, I would pick words such as serious (due to the lack of vibrancy as compared to the previous song) and weighed down (the instrumental felt heavier in this song). For the most part, I thought the song was rather passable as I didn’t really connect with the song, no matter how many times I go back to it. What I did like was the rapping during the bridge and the vocal ad-libs during the final chorus. But apart from those elements, I am not too crazy about this song. (8/10)

7. Crazy & Crazy (ㅁㅊㄷㅁㅊㅇ) – And that last line leads perfectly into this song. The Hangul, which you can see next to the English title of the song, is just the consonants of the word ‘Crazy’ in Korean. That is rather unique and drew my attention to the song. The song has this darkness to it, which I think was well done. The hip-hop influences were also quite dominant, creating an enjoyable and engaging atmosphere. I just wished the instrumental could have been a little wilder to really give the song a hype or lit feeling. But other than that, I did like this song very much. (8.5/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.2/10

Light Us Teaser Image

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