[Review] I Wanna Know – Roh Taehyun (HOTSHOT)

This review focuses on the solo debut of Roh Taehyun from HOTSHOT. He is a familiar face to the many as he previously participated in Produce 101 Season 2 and placed 25th overall. After Produce 101 Season 2, Roh Taehyun returned to HOTSHOT and has promoted as part of the group since then. He also later went on to debut as part of the now disbanded JBJ, the ‘fan-imagined’ group of Produce 101. Today, Roh Taehyun made his mark as a solo artist by debut with I Wanna Know, which is featured on the mini-album, biRTHday.

I Wanna Know is a fun hip-hop track that really shows off a different charm that I know of Roh Taehyun when he is a part of HOTSHOT. I only know HOTSHOT based on their two recent tracks and Roh Taehyun is a very serious fellow in these two tracks. But to hear him do something playful and energetic, I thought was a rather cool change. He brings his vocals to the song, which I think is rather nice. The instrumentation was a little plain for my liking but the melody of the track was quite catchy. I personally think the song can benefit from a rap sequence as it could have added an extra texture to really give the song some definition. But still, what we got is pretty good.

I usually make comments for the inside of the video (i.e. the content within). All of that lines up with what the song felt like. Fun, friendly and playful. So I really can’t say much about that. Just the title for the video uploaded onto Roh Taehyun’s personal YouTube page just dulls any effects the music video had going on. They put the wrong title up. Instead of the song’s title. they put the album’s title. And as a KPOP follower for a number of years, stuff like this don’t really help with promotions. I felt I just needed to write that despite it not being any of my concern as a KPOP reviewer. But other than that, a well-suited video.

I actually like the choreography for this performance. As the song and video, there is a fun and playful tone in it. Also, like I mentioned in the song review part, it is rather nice to see a more energetic and hyper Taehyun on stage as opposed to the serious side that I have commonly seen. I liked how he managed to slide in some popping and his moments with the female backup dancer were my favourites.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.7/10

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