[Review] Twit – Hwasa (Mamamoo)

In the past year,  we have seen the Mamamoo members through multiple comebacks including Starry Night, Egotistic and Wind Flower. On top of that, we saw the members through solo songs on the albums released throughout the year and through solo works. Moonbyul made her solo debut with Selfish, which Wheein also made her solo debut with Easy. It is time we turn our attention to the maknae of the group, Hwasa, who recently gained attention for her sexy outfit on the MAMA stage. She made her solo debut today with Twit.

Listening to the song, I felt like the song was more suited for the Summer seasons. It is bright and upbeat, something you don’t get too much in these colder months (though Korea is fast approaching the end of the cold season). But that being said, it is a strong song suiting Hwasa’s image from the very second it started playing. The song shows how a person is calling themselves (and others) a dummy and twit for not being able to care for their respective lover. The instrumental is made up heavy beat and dramatic flair, offset by a light panflute that is played over and over again at consistent intervals. I find this to be very intriguing. Alongside the song, we get Hwasa’s raspy vocals that really adds another sound and texture to the song. I particularly like how she kicks her vocals up a notch via the bridge, which is where we get the vocal climax to the song. Overall, Twit is a nice song that showcases the strengths of Hwasa.

The music video opens up with the male actor trying to get the attention of Hwasa. While this does annoy her throughout the video, the guy ends up leaving her at the end of the video, making Hwasa the ‘twit’ of the video for disregarding her lover. Another take on the video (see the comment section for a more detailed explanation) is that Hwasa calls the male actor a twit for being too focused on her (the scenes throughout the video showcases Hwasa as the centrepiece (i.e.e she is the queen, all the guys are staring at her and she is uniquely confident). This causes the guy to become upset and leave Hwasa at the end, despite her best efforts of her showing him that she still cares for him. Throughout the video, we see shots of Hwasa being confidently sexy, which could be an indirect response to her recent controversy regarding her outfits at the MAMAs. Wheein also pops up in the video, where both Wheein and Hwasa are rubbing shoulders with each other. It is a very bold video, which I think suits Hwasa and the song very well.

We don’t see much of the choreography in the video. But from what I can see, Hwasa is going to be bringing sexy to the stage with this performance. On top of that, an element of fun may be present. We won’t know for sure until a live performance is available so I will be back when that occurs.
[Updated] She definitely brought her sexy game to the stage with this comeback. Though, I wasn’t as impressed with the choreography that was chosen for this comeback. It didn’t feel as enticing as I had hoped for, Her moves felt fitting with the song but I couldn’t help but describe the performance as mediocre.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 6/10 [Updated]
Overall Rating – 7.8/10 [Updated]

6 thoughts on “[Review] Twit – Hwasa (Mamamoo)

  1. You didn’t understand the song AT ALL! How can you review something that you are so oblivious about?

    She is calling HIM a Twit for putting her in the center of his world. It’s a complex song, because those dependent relationships have the tendency to be “all or nothing”, you can’t tell a person to back off and have a life without seem ungrateful and hurt the relationship.

    She loves him, but can’t stand him being so attached to her and not having a life outside her, and she calls him out for it, he is hurt and decides to leave. She didn’t mean to hurt him, she doesn’t want *everything* from him, but she doesn’t want *nothing* either. A relationship without balance is not healthy, even if there’s love on both parts.

    Watch the video again, slowly, and please attempt to understand where the song is coming from before reviewing it. Especially if your entire blog is dedicated to that.


    1. Thank you for your feedback. I have taken it on board and added new the ‘interpretation of the music video’ section of my review.

      When I write my reviews (especially the music video), I gather information from various sources. English lyrics are obviously a major source of help in this regards. But sometimes (like the case for this video) an official translation was not available at the time of writing. Hence, I had to rely on third-party translations (which are not always reliable). These would lead me to making an intrepration that I would be satifised with but it may not be accurate. The intrepration would also depend on the accuracy of the translation (i.e. that nothing will be ‘lost in translation’)

      I personally see where you are coming from. It actually make sense with the lyrics in the first verse. Now, I am not saying that you are wrong in anyway as interpretations will varying depending on what you are looking at and HOW you are looking at them.
      In the second verse, she literally calls herself a ‘fool’ and sings ‘I don’t give anything, but why am I miserable too?”. This is where my interpration comes from and this is what I am got from that line – she pays no attention towards him and this doesn’t make her as happy (she is too invested in other things , like the book and phone call). So in a way, this goes back to your statement regarding balance in a relationship. And based on this, the ending shows him walking away after realzing he wasn’t going to get any other attention from her. This causes her to backhug him (despite hurting herself with whatever she stepped on) but to no avail. Hence, why I said that she was a ‘twit’ in the video.

      I am always open to different or alternative interpetation of a video, so feel free to come back if you see something you don’t agree with. After all, a picture is a thousand words and no one will be able to see the exact same thousand words as the person next to them.


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