[Review] Senorita – G(I)-DLE

Last year’s monster rookies have returned with their first comeback of 2019. G(I)-DLE was thrown into the spotlight thanks to their catchy LATATA debut track and continued their popularity with the unique Hann (or Alone). Now, the girl group from Cube Entertainment has returned with their second mini-album, I Made, and the title track, Senorita. Since their last comeback, the group received multiple Rookie of the Year awards, while Soyeon has been busy with collaborations including Wow Thing! (with Sin.B, Chungha and Seulgi) and SHINee’s Key’s upcoming solo release next month.

Given the title of the song, it was expected the comeback will be with Latin flair and that is exactly what we got. The song opens with a very obvious tango influenced sound and this continues throughout the song. I thought the brass in the instrumental was very delightful and adds colour to the already colourful genre that they went with. I enjoyed how the rapping was incorporated into the song, with the verses becoming very sensual with the paced delivery. The chorus had catchy hooks but my favourite would have to be the Senorita and brass combination. Interestingly, the bridge and end of the song contained very little lyrics. Only a repetitive ‘yuhuhuhuu’ was utilised. Not sure why this was the case but it did have charm. The only thing that I wanted more of was a buildup. There seemed to be a suspense-building pre-chorus but I thought a stronger buildup would have made their chorus more explosive.

The music video is quite dangerous. You can say that the girls made you sweat a little through their very close brushes with death in the video. I guess the sweat suits the heated genre of music they selected and the near-death experiences were great to get the attention of the person they are singing about. Once again, I thought the colour within the video was really nice and that applies to both their outfits and sets. I also did notice some product placement within the video with the Kaja cosmetics. It was very difficult to see but after rewatching a few times, it appeared quite frequently.

I thought the performance was very suiting for the song. They went with moves that we commonly associate with the Latin genre and tango itself, which I think was smart. They didn’t necessarily do it a cliche way and mixed over moves into the choreography as well.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.4/10

4 thoughts on “[Review] Senorita – G(I)-DLE

  1. Seoyeon is top notch. She really should’ve surpassed her rap competition in popularity by now. A girl group gets a rapper with primo skills for once and we’re not celebrating that shit loud and clear?
    Also Soojin playing up her “sexy” roll to the hilt in this one.
    Like “Dalla Dalla,” this one is growing on me fast.


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