[Review] What You Waiting For? – R.Tee & Anda

It is time for another review for an artist that I have not yet reviewed. Anda is a female soloist currently signed under YGX (a subsidiary under YG Entertainment and owned by Seungri), who made her solo debut back in 2012 under a different company and has since released a number of singles such as Touch, Hypnotizing and Mastering. She more recently appeared in Seungri’s 2018 music video for 1,2,3. On Wednesday, she released her first single as a YGX artist, titled What You Waiting For?, which is a collaboration with R.Tee, a music producer and DJ signed under The Black Label (another YG Entertainment subsidiary).

What You Waiting For? is a powerful dance track that delves into the EDM genre in a very catching manner. Obviously, I am talking about the chorus and its repetitive drop. It doesn’t exactly go in the direction that I had expected based on the melodic nature of the first verse. Instead, it takes a firm beat and repeats in a very addictive way. It doesn’t feel overbearing nor overwhelming, highlighting R.tee’s production. I like the glitchy effect throughout the song, giving some nice texture. I also really liked the dramatic flair that the bridge carried, which was another changeup I did not expect (even though a slowdown of some sort was expected).  The other ‘half’ of the collaboration was Anda’s vocals, which I think was very good. I never paid attention to her to before but this makes me wonder what else I was missing out on. I liked how she matched the production by showcasing a vigorous tone. And based on this, I would anticipate any of her future works. The only thing that I was not fond was the ending. It felt like it left us hanging or incomplete. But that might just be me.

The lyrics of the song asks her lover ‘What You Waiting For’ after she observes hesitance in her partner. In the video, we see Anda’s own development, going from unsure to her confident self. We see this through that mirror box she becomes trapped in and the outfit change we see within that confinement. I am not sure about the significance of the very beginning where she wakes up in the unfamiliar technological surrounding and realizes she is microchipped. I also thought seeing R.Tee in the video was interesting. We don’t often see producers in the music video and the way they had him in the centre, with the backup dancers dancing behind him was rather cool and felt inclusive. Overall, I thought it was a nice video with good sets.

The other part of this comeback that stands out is the performance. Anda’s energy adds fuel to the song and I think looks good from an audience standpoint. I also like how she didn’t shy away and matched the male backup dancers effortlessly in the music video. I think the best part overall was her interactions with the backup dancers one by one. It looked cool.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

One thought on “[Review] What You Waiting For? – R.Tee & Anda

  1. Thanks
    R u intrested in listening music of other genre?
    Pls confirm,if possible check out the song called “all i need” by nienty one


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