[Review] Woowa – DIA

I know that I promised reviews for songs last week but I just finished scheduling them and they will be spaced out this week! But there are two exciting comebacks that I wanted to write about tonight so I will be prioritising them first. The first comeback is by DIA, who has returned with Woowa. This is the group’s first comeback since WooWoo, released 7 months ago. WooWoo also earned the group’s first weekly show win ever! Hopefully, they can win again this time around with Woowa. Unfortunately, the group will have to do it without Jenny, who is not participating in this round of promotions.

Woowa starts off with a power rush of energy that really gets you excited for what is to come. The instrumental, particularly the main instrumental hook of the song, delves into a techno-funk sound. There is a very powerful retro vibe to the song which I am loving.  This combination results in a very groovy and upbeat track that I just want to dance to. I really like the tiny bit of brass you get during the start of the bridge and I actually want more of it in the song. The vocals were pretty nice. At first, I did feel that they were relatively plain, especially towards the end. But I guess the song is growing more on me as I don’t seem to feel that way anymore. The rapping is what I disagree with. They go with an ethnic sound which I don’t think suits the song’s groovy vibes. It does feel distant to the chorus and it does cut the flow of the song. But aside from that, I think Woowa is a really good track. It is getting pretty addictive.

The group goes to the roller skating rink in their music video. Besides that, the video is rather typical. It goes between choreography shots to close-ups of each member posing in areas associated with the rink. So there isn’t really anything to really comment on. However, I did like the set for the choreography scenes. The flashing lights are quite suitable for the song and I think the slight push of purple throughout the video really goes well with the dark lighting at the rink.

The choreography was quite nice as well. I really like the intro part, which was extremely fitting for that section and its tempo. It seems like the choreography went with a flaunting touch as the girls do a lot of that in the performance. I felt that they could have gone with something a little more relaxing or fun as the song seems to really go in that direction.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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