[Review] L.O.V.E – Park Ji Hoon

We have another Wanna One member in our midst. After Yoon Ji Sung and Ha Sungwoon, the third member we will be able to meet again through the stage is Park Ji Hoon. Since returning to his original company, Maroo Entertainment, Park Ji Hoon has already accepted an acting role in an upcoming drama and today, made his solo debut with L.O.V.E, which is featured on his first mini-album, O’Clock. Congratulations on the debut and here’s to a great career!

I was interested in seeing how Wanna One’s rapper would handle a solo track and what direction he would take. L.O.V.E is an R&B dance track that manages to pack a punch through the instrumental. It is like it is pulsing but in a very odd fashion. And I find this is a very unique point of the track. This pulsing effect is quite loud in the instrumental but I am surprised how Park Ji Hoon still manages to be hearable on top of it. And now, let’s return to Park Ji Hoon himself. He sounds wonderful in this track. We didn’t hear him sing too much in last year, so that is why I was unsure about the direction the song he ould take. But this was more vocals then rap, which was quite interesting. The rapping was quite good but I really like his vocal moments during the song more.  But that was my thoughts on it. Other than that, this was a very strong debut song and one that I would be coming back for more.

Whoever decided that this mansion was the best place to set the video needs a promotion. It was stunning and extremely majestic. And to really encapsulate the beauty of the setting, great cinematography was employed. I also liked the special effects that were put on top of the video. It gave the music video a magical feel. Throughout the video, he goes looking for his lover, which is extremely fitting for a love confession song. I think he does find what he is seeking for, based on the ending of the video. I did feel like the credits didn’t contribute much of the video and the cute BTS videos of Park Ji Hoon took away from the aesthetics. But it was still a nice video to watch.

I think the choreography for this stage was perfect of the song. It is one of those stages that feels like any changes would just take away from the performance if you know what I mean. I really like the chorus, which I think allowed the solo artist to show his dancing side more.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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