[Album Review] Plus Minus Zero (4th Mini Album) – Jeong Sewoon

Just before the clock ticks over to the next day, I come running with Friday’s album review! Jeong Sewoon made his comeback last week with the upbeat Feeling, which featured Penomeco. And that title track was featured on his 4th mini-album, Plus Minus Zero, since his debut! Jeong Sewoon is one of the artists that I keep coming back to because his songs are so good and this album is just further undeniable proof of this fact. Let’s see what I had to say about his new album below!

Plus Minus Zero Album Cover

1..Feeling (ft. Penomeco) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Feeling. (10/10)

2. My Ocean (나의 바다)My Ocean is a ballad. A beautiful sounding ballad. It is one of those songs which you have to stop whatever you are doing and listen to it in stillness, in order to get a complete sense of the song. The song features a piano-only instrumental. Simply, that is it. There are not strings or percussion. Just straight up piano. And it was a very beautiful backdrop to Sewoon’s voice. It isn’t a song to show off vocal techniques or high notes. Instead, the song remained very consistent and his voice painted the picture of the ocean in which he continually referred to as part of his lover. And for that, I think this is the best song on the album. (10/10)

3. Your Favourite Song (니가 좋아한 노래) – This is also another ballad but it seems to delve into the R&B side of music. It seems like the song talks about the regrets after a breakup but it is too late to fix anything. The song is also quite nice, with a slight huskiness identifiable in his voice. It features guitars in the instrumental. But it seemed to have been filtered as it sounded distant and hollow. Not saying it was bad because it was a rather nice touch to the song, which I would have otherwise said was plain. (8.5/10)

4. DistanceDistance is a mid-tempo R&B track. The song starts off with some whistling and felt like it was going to be a slow song at first. But the song starts incorporating other instruments and this continues throughout the song, creating a very satisfying build-up. I thought the melody in this song was rather nice. The combination of the build-up and the melody make this song a little bit catchy. I find his sing-speaking second verses to be an interesting spin and was a fair attempt of keeping the song interesting. There does seem to be a barrier of some kind that prevents me from 100% liking the song but I am not exactly sure of what is holding me back. (8/10)

5. Going Home – We return to a ballad with Going Home. It is another good ballad but lacked the boldness that My Ocean thrived upon. The instrumental for this track is a more typical style, with the inclusion of piano, strings and a slight touch of drums in the background. Once again, Sewoon’s voice shines brightly. The raspiness in his vocals was defining in this song. For his young age, it is always surprising to hear such a mature sound from him and that makes this track stand out a little bit more. (8/10)

6. White – Listening to the start, you could tell that the song was going to pick up. The song started off like those live performances where the vocals are being presented over simple guitar instrumentation. And I couldn’t see the song remaining that way for its 3:45 length. So, when the song did pick up, I was extremely glad. And it was a nice pickup, as well. A well-presented melody and the nice soothing instrumental went well with each other. What I didn’t expect was that second pick up where the song becomes even brighter and infused with even more instrumentation. And I love this second rush of energy, which keeps the song interesting in the best way possible. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.9/10

Plus Minus Zero Teaser Image

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