[Album Review] Spring (1st Single Album) – Park Bom

It is time for another album review! Today, I wanted to review someone who deserved an album a very long time ago. After waiting for 9 years, Park Bom has released an album for the very first time. Unfortunately, it is only a single album made up of 3 songs. But it still better than nothing! The lead title track is Spring, which features fellow 2NE1 member, Sandara Park. Despite her hiatus for a while now, Park Bom has proven to still be extremely popular with both her album and single soaring towards the top of the charts. So it definitely makes sense for us to check this album out!

Spring Album Cover

1..Spring (봄) (ft. Sandara Park) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Spring. (9/10)

2. My Lover (내연인)My Lover is a little brighter than Spring in its sound. I would say that the song has a ‘Spring’ in its step. It is also a mellow sound, which I think is quite nice. And because of this, the song falls towards the pop spectrum. I really like the piano but thought it could have been more prevalent over the rest of the instrumentation (which drowned out the piano). It is one of those songs that get you swaying along, despite it being a tad upbeat. And if you know me, swaying earns you ticks! I think Park Bom vocals are quite nice in this song, especially around the bridge of the song. Sometimes I felt like she was pushing a little too hard. (8/10)

3. Shameful (창피해)Shameful is a dance track that takes upon the more typical trend of music currently (i.e. tropical). It was a little unexpecting, but it gives us a little more variety. And this is quite effective, given how she hasn’t released music for 8 years now. Though, I don’t think we will see any dance performances any time soon based on her Spring performance. While it is typical sounding for today’s standard, it was a fair song. The instrumentals popped, and I thoroughly enjoyed her vocals in the song. More impressively was her attempt at rapping. It isn’t exactly the best execution that I have heard from a vocalist, but it wasn’t terrible. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.3/10

Spring Teaser Image

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