[Review] Bloom Bloom – The Boyz

Also returning yesterday is The Boyz with their latest comeback, Bloom Bloom. This is the group’s first comeback since their 2018 comeback, No Air, which was released back in November. Since then, the group won Best New Male Artist at the MelOn Music Awards in December and embarked on an Asian Tour at the start of the year. They were also my pick for Best New Male Artist for 2018 in the KPOPREVIEWED Awards.

Bloom Bloom is a dance-pop track that is flowery enough for the Spring season but as intense and energetic as you expect with a Summer-focused song. Hence it exists in a limbo between the two, perfect for this time of the year. My first impression of the song wasn’t that great, as I wanted a song to have a kick like their previous tracks that I have enjoyed such as Right Here. But Bloom Bloom’s kick is a lot more subtle and the song has definitely grown on me with more listens (hence, if you don’t enjoy the song, I’d say give it a few more listens). The ‘Bloom Bloom Pow‘ start is definitely impactful. Usually, you would say ‘Boom Boom Pow‘ instead. But the extra letter makes sense for the song that focuses on innocent love and flowers. I thought the raping was overly dynamic for the song. They could have toned it down slightly to make it a little more fitting for the rest of the song. Vocals were pretty good. Overall, Bloom Bloom may not be my preferred sound for the group but it fits in well with their previous songs.

Going hand-in-hand with the lyrics and the title of the track, the song takes on a bright concept. The school-boy concept also returns through this comeback. The main action occurs on the baseball field, with it providing distractions in the form of a dying plant, which the members look after. A powerful whack of baseball also caused a spaceship to fall from the sky. This lead to the discovery of a special ball, which causes fireworks in the sky and the moon to ‘bloom’ in flowers. Overall, it was a nice video that was fitting for the song.

The dance was pretty nice as well. Once again, I like the energy that comes from the chorus. I also like the blooming effect they have in the background (with the members jumping up and down) just before the chorus kicks in, along with the wider movements in the chorus (which kind of give off the same effect).

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10

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