[Review] Me – CLC

I think one of the most anticipated comebacks of this week is CLC. For those who don’t know I been enjoying what the female group for Cube Entertainment has been putting out. I also think CLC has finally found their style and are sticking with this very edgy concept, especially after the success of Black Dress last year and No from earlier this year. Me’s teasers look like it is going to be an exciting comeback. So let’s have a review of Me.

I think the most prominent and memorable section of the track is the very heavy yet deep beat drop during the chorus. It does remind me of 4Minute’s Hate. This, however, feels very in your face and explosive. I personally quite like it because listening to this track is a wake-up call in its own way. And it is definitely a development in CLC’s mature song collection. I really like the hook of the track (Beautiful, Beautiful Me), as well. I really like the vocal section of the track. The pre-chorus was also a personal favourite section of mine. Mainly because we get to hear more of Seunghee’s vocals (who has pretty much been hidden since CLC has taken this concept change). I also really enjoyed that rush of energy her section delivers. I think the song would have benefited from a heavier rap sequence. What we got was a little bland in comparison to the rest of the song (i.e. they could have used a different instrumental beat (possibly hip-hop) that really brings more intensity. I will rather be overloaded with intensity in a song like this than not overwhelmed. But that is just my personal preference. Overall, a very good track.

Unfortunately, I am writing this review with very little time on my hands. So I don’t have any time to really sit down and take in the video. And I definitely do not have time to interpret the video. Though, there is something aesthetic about the video, which I think make it a very pleasant video to watch (if you don’t factor in the edginess of the song).  If you think about it, the video doesn’t feel quite edgy, especially after you strip the music away. There is a play on beauty in this video with the number of masks and Seunghee admiring that painting at the start. There also seems to be an emphasis on art in the video. This is just me putting a poorly understood theory out there though. Out of all the sets in the video, I think the one with the red paint stroke was the best. It is simple but definitely speaks volumes.

I feel like the choreography does tick the edgy box. But it falls short if they were going for something sensual (which I kind of got from the verses). The song doesn’t really offer them a chance to showcase a sensual side since it was jam-packed with energy and had loud synths. I did like the chorus moves but I feel like, overall, the routine one wasn’t up to par compared to No or Black Dress.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 8.6/10

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