[Review] One Fine Day – Sandeul (B1A4)

Making his solo return yesterday was Sandeul with One Fine Day. It has been a while since we heard from Sandeul or B1A4 for that matter. The group went through some changes recently, with Jinyoung and Baro (the group’s most popular members) departing WM Entertainment (which leaves a very large question mark on top of the group’s name) and CNU’s military enlistment. Hence their lack of members has left B1A4 absent from the public. Sandeul’s last comeback was his solo debut, which occurred back in 2016 with Stay As You Are.

It is no surprise to me that that One Fine Day is a ballad. That is also no surprise, as well, coming from Sandeul, who is quite well known for his vocals in the industry. One Fine Day has a straightforward ballad instrumental, consisting of mainly piano which builds up to a climatic classical infused track. Based on that description, there really isn’t anything fresh or new about the track. The one thing does stand out is Sandeul’s voice for me. I find his vocals to be a little different from before and this becomes a drawing point for me. I find the melody to be soothing and I can feel some emotions creeping up on you towards the end of the track. As much as I think it is decent, the track does seem to drag on, mainly because it is 5 minutes long (which tends to be uncommon in the industry). Decent yes but I don’t think it will be a song that I would continuous replay due to its length.  I feel like multiple listens will make this song extremely heavy on me and that wouldn’t be a ‘soothing’ feeling.

The music video falls in line with other relationship centred ballads. But it is one of those rare cases where the majority of the story is there and you don’t have to guess your way through it. Sandeul and the actress meet in a very empty theatre and their relationship blossomed from there. I find this to be a cute relationship and their interactions depict them as a genuine couple. I think along the way, their relationship does seem to become lost and they end up breaking up. While I think she tried to break up in a ‘clean fashion’, he does end up chasing after her, leaving her in tears. I also feel like the bus stop scene was after their breakup and they go onto one last bus trip into the sunset (she doesn’t smile when he smiles and he takes the bus back during the nighttime in tears). I think this indicates that he let her go but tried his best to be cheerful for her. Like these small details and thought it was a nice yet typical story.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.4/10


2 thoughts on “[Review] One Fine Day – Sandeul (B1A4)

  1. For one, i loved the fact that it was 5minutes Long! A lot of catchy songs are barely even 3minites Long and playing it on an endless loop can get really boring sometimes for me, unless it’s a B1A4 song of course 😉 I would have rated it 10/10! I do admit I miss Jinyoung and Baro, and although I do support them in their decision, I still feel like it’s pity they’re not doing music anymore because I feel like that’s what they do best :’)


    1. I am 100% percent certain that Jinyoung will return to the music industry after his enlistment. He was a great producer with many tracks under his belt. He will be highly sought after.
      As for Baro, I guess he finds acting more appealing, though I wouldn’t rule him for a potential solo comeback.
      As for B1A4, I do want to see them return as a 5-member group. They had good songs. But I don’t think we are ever going to get one in the foreseeable future given their military enlistment and the (unfortunate) fact that groups with members under different companies just don’t get their schedules to align. But fingers cross for another comeback in the future after their military enlistment!!!!


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