[Review] EDEN – IZ

It is time to catch up on some more reviews for some tracks/music video releases. A number of bands released new tracks and promotional music videos over the last month, which I had neglected due to my busy study load. But today, I will check them off my list. First up is a totally brand new comeback from IZ, a band who released Angel last year. This time around, they returned with the title track EDEN, which is featured on their 3rd mini-album, RE:IZ.

I will be completely honest. Not only did I neglect to review this earlier, but today is also actually my first time to listen to the track. And right off the bat, I have major regrets for not doing both of those sooner. EDEN is a perfect head-banging song that I needed last week to shake my worries away. This is the personally the type of song that I wished bands churn out as it is so energy driven and are usually be emotionally charged. Essentially, EDEN ticks a few of my desired check boxes. The rock vibe that comes off this track is so strong, which makes it so appealing. The song did have a slight J-Rock twist to it, which I think makes it more interesting. Vocally, the track is pretty good. I thought the verses were nicely melodic, with the chorus going for that energy rush as pointed out before. That falsetto high note at the end is probably my pick for the highlight of the track and definitely gives the song a climatic ending. Overall, I highly recommend for you to check out EDEN.

This music video deserves some attention for how freaking high quality it is. It is a very colourful video but the colour is used in a subtle way (via lighting), which makes fit the rock vibes so well. Watching the overall video, you got a sense of how grungy the video was going for.  However, at the exact same time, I found the video to have an aesthetic vibe to it as well, which I thought was a very interesting contrast. My favourite scene has to be when the focus was purely on the drummer, who (with the combination of the flashing lights) managed to stand out so well. And also, the forehead game was strong, thanks to the drummer.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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