[Album Review] DEAR N9NE (9th Mini Album) – Teen Top

This whole weekend will be dedicated to reviews. Songs and albums, I am stockpiling them for future releases! While it is not the weekend yet, to make sure things fit in as planned, we will be kicking off with an album review today! Teen Top made their comeback a few weeks back with Run Away, which was the title track off their 9th mini-album, DEAR N9NE. I am not a major fan of Teen Top when it comes to their b-side tracks. But one brief listens to the album got me interested in writing an album review.

DEAR N9NE Album Cover

1..Run Away (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Run Away. (6/10)

2. Your Man – There are many different genres of music that I enjoy. But what has me coming back to KPOP time and time again must be the way energy is presented. And the best energy comes from very addictive and catchy tracks, such as Your Man. IThe track kicks things off with such a good impression, it forces me to dive in more (hence the album review). I think the upbeat party-like dance nature was very well done, complimenting both the vocal and rapping work by the members. The chorus was just so-in-your-face that I couldn’t help but enjoy it. Your Man is also quite loud, and I think Teen Top is the best when they are ‘loud’, especially if we are looking at tracks such as Going Crazy and Rocking (which is still my personal favourite from the group). (9/10)

3. SwagSwag takes the momentum that Your Man left us with and transformed it into a classy song. To me, this style is very Teen Top. It is also another very catchy track filled with very cool and ear-catching hooks that really draw my attention to the track. The emphasis on the word ‘Swag’ during the chorus, the post-chorus kick, the Gimme Gimme that…’ bridge and the very familiar Uptown Funk vibes that came off the instrumental made the track so enjoyable. Once again, singing and rapping were quite good. Another great track that gives off very satisfying energy that makes you want more. (9/10)

4. What Do You Think – Once again, What Do You Think continues the upbeat energy from the previous tracks. But this one ended up feeling lacking, which sets it apart from the other tracks that we have gotten thus far on the album. I felt the song missed out on some potential punchy moments, which they could have delivered with some more bass. The squeaky horns did add some colour and character to the track but there wasn’t really anything else to make this song develop (i.e. another track that felt a little too consistent for my liking). The vocals and raps were good. But they didn’t have an impressive nature to them, as the previous track did. (7/10)

5. That Night (비 그친 밤) – Changing from the upbeat and dance-centred nature of the album is That Night, which opts for a slower and calmer R&B track. Like Swag, I find the track to be quite elegant and classy. In many ways, I find it to be a polished track. The instrumental was nice and felt relaxing to an extent. While the instrumental here was quite typical and consistent as well, it paired well with the smooth vocals and rapping. These components felt well handled by the group and I felt like they managed to make up for that ordinary sounding instrumental. But still enjoyed the vibe that came from it. (7.5/10)

6. Happy EndingHappy Ending serves as the ballad of the album. It too departs from the upbeat nature featured throughout the first number of songs on the album, opting for a very calming and soothing sound and instrumentation. I think the first impression regarding the track is that is much simpler. But as I have stated many times on the website, simple might be a good thing. In Happy Ending’s case, simple allows for a beautiful melody to be present and a nice showcase of vocals and rapping. If you are expecting anything intense or powerhouse vocals, this isn’t the track for you. But if you want a calming track that ends an album full of energy, then this one is for you. (8/10)

Overall Album Review – 7.8/10

DEAR N9NE Teaser Image

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