[Review] Fever – GFriend

Over the last few years, a group that we cannot forget about in the season of Summer is GFriend. The group has had countless hits in Summer including Me Gusta Tu, Navillera, Love Whisper, Summer Rain and Sunny Summer. 2019 will be no exception for the group, with today’s release of Fever as their next Summer track. We previously saw the group through their promotions of Sunrise at the start of the year and their Flower promotions in Japan.

My review for Fever is going to be harsh but honest. Fever is not like any other GFriend title track. It actually takes a more conventional route, forgoing any sound had we have grown to incorporate with GFriend. But as disappointing as that might sound, it might be time GFriend tried to reinvent their Summer, given the not-so-successful releases of Summer Rain and Sunny Summer over the last two years. Personally, I found this track to be quite lacklustre. Fever takes on moombahton sound, which is still quite new territory for KPOP. And while we heard a few good tracks with this sound, GFriend’s approach didn’t have the energy to make it memorable. In fact, the energy felt quite weighted, preventing it from sparking like how other Summer releases do. While the vocal work was fine, there wasn’t any catchy hooks or melodies to draw my attention in. They placed a fair amount of emphasis on the chorus drop. But with the mentioned weighted nature from the energy, I don’t think they got anywhere. There are some benefits that did arise due to the music but I don’t think their discography was one of them.

I personally want to know what is going on in the video. There seems to be something to the use of the cactus, the way Yerin walked into the set at the start of the video, the girl’s gaze etc. Moving past the potential plotline, I did fail to mention one detail regarding the song that I was impressed with. The group went with a mature sound (which might be the reason why the song ended feeling weighed down) that ended being edgy in a very subtle manner. This isn’t entirely new with the group. But it looks like the girl’s concept and outfit managed to blend in well with the extra matureness you could hear while listening to the song.

One clear benefit from the bland music that I observed was the dancing. I thought the choreography was quite good, given the music that they had to use. While the energy wasn’t there musically, they did well executing the various dance moves. I thought the chorus looked cool and GFriend got to show off more of their dance side through this release.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 6.7/10

7 thoughts on “[Review] Fever – GFriend

  1. Wholeheartedly agree with you, especially on the sounding “conventional” and the MV aspects. I just wasn’t feeling it with “Fever” all that much, and it’s a bit disappointing because, despite the teasers, I wasn’t expecting it to be so basic. In my review, I also pointed out that the general atmosphere they’re attempting to create just isn’t working for them right now. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who thought this comeback was a bit off.


    1. Yeah, you a raise a good point with the atmosphere. It is very ‘still’ and their lack of facial expressions is troubling. It is like they went with a mysterious vibe but the video didn’t have anything too mysterious about it. I hope their live performances over the next few weeks have more personality to them.

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      1. I sure hope so… Unfortunately for GFriend, it seems that even though international fans are generally impressed by the change in concepts and the ‘fresh’ (cough conventional cough) vibes the song gives, it wasn’t good enough to have any lasting impact on their audience. The track has some GFriend elements at times, but overall the MV did not help build up that essence at all. Personally, I don’t think they’ll score many music show wins with this comeback.

        But, we’ll see.


      2. Yeah, I think same with the music shows. They might have a slight chance with the smaller shows (The Show and Show Champion), however.
        Good news is that they seem to be doing okay on the charts.


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