[Review] Dream Play – LIMITLESS

Season 2 of Produce 101 wrapped up in 2017 and many of the show’s alumni have gone to debut either as a solo act or as part of a group. Unless they were part of Wanna One, it is a little odd to find a company withholding a contestant from debuting, especially now that the respective season is a distant memory. This was the case for LIMITLESS who is a new male group from ONO Entertainment, which consists of Moonbok (the long hair contestant), Hyunwoo, Heeseok (the three are former contestants of the show) and Huichan. They dropped their debut single, Dream Play, earlier this week.

It is very hard to make a debut track stand out, as shown by the many artists who debut and never return as their initial step into the industry fails to launch them. While it is a little too soon to say this about a newly debut group as we do not know what the future might hold, a typical track like Dream Play isn’t looking too good. The song plays a tropical pop influence, which has been heard so often that I now view it as very plain. There isn’t anything mixed into it to really allow for the song to be differentiable from the rest of the competition. The hooks were not fascinating and very typical, giving this song a very passable mark. I think the only things that I can comment positively on are the vocals and rapping, which I think were nicely polished. Pity that the rest of the canvas wasn’t as great.

Same deal with the music video. Overall, I’d describe it as a skippable video. The video starts off with the members in a flower boy or boy next door type of concept. Everything is bright and very plain. The video then takes a turn showing a darker side of the guys. Not exactly sure what the deal is with but I assume dreams have something to do with it (given the title). They went from eating a flower with a knife and fork to putting something suspicious into a drink (which is not cool!). Apart from that, I did like the use of TVs as a transition. It looked cool and very different.

The choreography has to be the best part of this debut package. I thought their moves looked cool and they did mini bounces to match the instrumental was rather cool. I also felt that their stage presence is also quite large. I have a feeling that performance wise, this large stage presence is definitely something to look out for.

Song – 5/10
Music Video – 5.5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 5.8/10

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