[Review] Tag Tag Tag – VERIVERY

It can definitely be said that VERIVERY has very big shoes to fill. With the impending military enlistment for all of the VIXX members, the senior male group has been focusing on solo activities (and my guess is that they will be all leaving to enlist soon). This leaves VERIVERY and Gugudan to carry the torch that VIXX has lit for their company. Today, VERIVERY returns with a new single, Tag Tag Tag and Veri-Chill (the group’s latest single album). This is the group’s first comeback since From Now, which was released a few months back.

Tag Tag Tag doesn’t strike me as a song that breaks ground. While the members do seem to push themselves with a more energetic and memorable pop song, this ‘heard before’ feeling was my initial thought. But with every listen I have given the song since, I am noticing a lot of new things that the song manages to do well. But that typical feel still hangs over my head. The song manages to show a convergence between a mature sound and the group’s usually energetic dance style. And I like this convergence. I just wished it managed to pick up something that makes me become more amazed. The energy was definitely a major plus. It fits the idea of using a game of tag to get closer to your lover. So the upbeat atmosphere does drive you towards that activeness. I really like how they voiced their vocals. They seemed to push themselves to stand out over the vocals, which I enjoyed. But the rapping was my favourite bit. It provided that extra intensity to the song, which in turns makes this a loaded track. The hooks are fast becoming catchy, giving that memorable element.

When we think of Jellyfish Entertainment, we all think of VIXX and their dark concepts. This music video leads us back into that dark concept with a haunted house, which the members play tag in. But it is done in a more youthful manner that wouldn’t fit VIXX.  We don’t get a sense of the creepiness until they play blindfold tag, where we see unrecognisable feet as they are playing and one member (who was it) removes his blindfold to reveal no one there. We get a sense that things are a lot more seriously creepy when their phones start picking up faces that are not there. Or when, the member who just stands there smiling, while something is registered in the background. Or that someone was watching them while they were playing outside.  Or that someone took a picture of the guy who was the seeker. The ending was probably the biggest shocker (even though I think we all saw it coming), as it reveals that one of the members was the barefooted entity all along. Very interesting video.

The choreography seems to return VERIVERY to their usual youthful style, which I guess is more fitting than infusing some horror to the stage. After all, the song is all about a game of tag. I like the energy is showcased as part of the performance and the moves that I saw looked pretty nice.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 9.5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

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