[Review] Spark – JBJ95

Returning today is JBJ95. Not much has happened that I know of with the duo since we last saw them through their Awake promotions back in March/April. Based on their Wikipedia page, however, Kim Sang Gyun is debuting as an actor, with his drama currently airing (I believe). The drama broadcast and promotions for Spark (their latest comeback single) will be overlapping, so we get to see double Kim Sang Gyun (which I am sure fans will be thrilled for). Their 3rd mini-album also shares the same name as the song’s title.

Spark is a style that I quite enjoy. There is a little something uplifting with its sound and I tend to really become swayed by this element. There is also a very warm feeling to the song, as it shows a sense of nostalgia. The song talks about the moment in which we start feeling sparks because of someone, which I think many people can relate to. And hence why the song manages to hit the mark for me. The vocals are quite nice. Like the dance instrumental, it is very light and inviting, which really appeals to my tastes. And I like how the rapping manages to follow through with this. The rapping, which sometimes can really be a completely separate element in a song, manages to keep with the tone of the song. It did add a tiny bit of roughness to the song but that lightness manages to still remain. Overall, Spark manages to spark something within me. Warm and happy memories with its sound and lyrics.

The music video is rather interesting. Based on what I am reading, it seems like Kenta is an author and he is writing out what Kim Sang Gyun and his lover are going through. I thought this idea was rather unique. I like how the video managed to include some dramatic flair during the chorus to match with the change in sound. It is the usual stuff but the way the video was shot looked liked there was a bit of drama in the love story. The fireworks at the end looked very beautiful, with all three people looking up at the stars (Kenta noticeably separated from Kim Sang Gyun and his lover during these scenes). Overall, a nice and appealing video to watch.

I really liked the choreography for it. It is super fitting for the song, which I think is amazing. For a song like this, I didn’t expect anything too complicated. I liked how they had parts where they were holding hands together, which I assume mimics the holding hands that they would go through with their lovers. I just wished the outfits that they wear feel a little more fitting. The red they wore for their showcase didn’t look too good. 

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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