[Review] Wake Up – D1CE

It is time to review another newly debuted group. D1CE (D-ONCE) is a five-member male group formed under a company that shares the same name as the group. Currently, the group’s lineup is Woo Jin Young, Park Woo Dam, Kim Hyun Soo, Jung Yoo Jun, and Jo Yong Geun. Some of the members may be familiar to some listeners. Woo Jin Young partipcated on both Produce 101 Season 2 and MIXNINE  (he placed 1st but his debut in the final group was cancelled). The other members also participated in these survival shows as well including Produce 101 (Woo Dam), BOY24 (Yoo Jun), MIXNINE (Hyunsoo & Yong Geun).

The new group debuted with Wake Up on the 1st of August. The first thing that jumps right at me is the vocals. During the verses where the instrumental was rather minimal and the busier choruses, their vocals were consistently at the forefront, in a very loud and clear fashion. And they definitely have a very good set of vocals. I really like how they held that high note and there was some raspiness in the vocals during some parts, which often is heard due to instrumental style. The rapping was definitely well-textured and really packed a punch, especially during the verses. Talking about the instrumental, it felt very standard. But it managed to show an edgy vibe that is quite appealing.  I think the song could have benefited from a stronger hook. But it is not a troubling aspect, as the rest of the song manages to make up for it. Altogether, the song manages to kick off their careers in a very tough and intense style, that may resemble some of the top male groups at the moment.

The music video is edgy and intense, which matches the song’s style very well. It’s dark and the guys look very angry, which really sets the tone for the video.  Also, the setting was highly appropriate for the style of the song, as well. I also really hate to point this out, but the video does have a typical structure to it (i.e. the closeup and choreography format). It is a video that just doesn’t feel like it is worth rewatching time and time again. 

The choreography looked very cool in the music video. But it isn’t as impressive when it is on stage. There is definitely intensity and a little attitude in the choreography, which I guess makes it different from the rest at the moment. As for why I didn’t enjoy the stage performance as much (yes, I am picky), it could be a combination of poor camera work and bright lighting. Note that the music video was dark and this suited the atmosphere well.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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