[Album Review] We Boom (3rd Mini Album) – NCT Dream

It is time for another album review and today’s chosen album is NCT Dream’s We Boom. This was released two weeks back and features the group’s latest title track, Boom. This is also the first release since Mark’s graduation from the group at the end of last year. While this is introduction today is rather short, I think you all will not want me to ramble on. So, let’s go forth with the album review!

We Boom Album Cover

1..Boom (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Boom. (8/10)

2. Stronger – The group’s edginess continues through Stronger. And it is one strong song. I find it a little different because it avoids using a ‘strong’ instrumental to do its hard work. Instead, the vocals and rapping were amplified to give off that ‘strong’ vibe. I particularly liked how they emphasised certain words in the chorus, along with the ‘Stronger’ repetition. That repetition almost felt like they were growling, which I think really suited the song and gave a fair amount of texture to the song. Their pronunciation was a little off but I cannot really criticise that. I like its slight hip-hop vibe that came off the song and thought it was an excellent track to lead off from Boom. (8.5/10)

3. 119 – If both Boom and Stronger were promoted to different capacities, I demand that 119 be added to the promotional list as well. It continues that edgy vibe that we got from the two previous tracks and it seemed to add a tough vibe to the group, which I think is very appealing, especially how it goes against what the unit is intended to portray (though, I think we have thrown that idea out of the window). The chorus was fantastic. I cannot get the melody out of my mind. The vocal work was pretty good, and the rapping was awesome. Though, I think the song could have used a little more roughness when it came to the rapping. The only thing that I thought was ill-fitting as the ‘Na Na Na’ and the overpowered ‘twisted’ section that intertwines with the ‘Na Na Na’. It just felt like it was too much and didn’t sound appealing. But apart from that, where is that stage? (8.5/10)

4. Bye My First… (사랑이 좀 어려워) – In a complete change up to the album’s sound, we enter in the more acoustic arena with Bye My First…. Honestly, when I first saw the title, it gave my impressions that it was going to be a ballad. Instead, it ended up being more upbeat and pop-like. A song like this really allows the vocals to shine. But I liked how they incorporated the rapping into the song. The track lines up with the more youthful side of the group, which talks about their inexperience in love, especially for their first relationship. It was bright and happy, kind of like a reflection in a way to their former lover. (8/10)

5. Best Friend – Something I have yet to mention so far on this album review is that the song reminds me of Western tracks. Best Friend seems to be the most profound with this idea, especially with that ‘everyone sings the chorus together’ style that was also included in some of their other tracks. It showcases a playful hip-hop style, which works with the group’s young image quite well and maybe the reason to why I find a fair amount of Western flair (just don’t ask me to give examples, I am bad when it comes to mainstream Western songs). The vocals were good and the rapping was fitting. The playfulness also really gave the song a nice melody, making it appealing to my tastes. (8.5/10)

6. Dream Run – Kicking off the final song of the album is some guitar. And after hearing how Haechan started off this track, Dream Run feels like the most comfortable NCT Dream track on the album. It is bright, energetic, upbeat, happy, playful and has good rhythm. Essentially taking components of some of their past works (and the two preceding tracks before this one) and combining into some very appealing. As we get towards the end, I think things got a little too messy for my liking, but it isn’t too troubling. Once again, vocal and rapping were amazing. I also like the brass that featured in the instrumental, which contributes to the overall groovy sound. A song like this comes off very catchy and the way the brass finishes off the song brings the album to a very strong close. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.4/10

We Boom Teaser Image

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