[Review] Tiki-Taka (99%) – Weki Meki

It is time to start focusing on the releases for today! Literally kicking off today was Weki Meki, who released their new single at midnight (KST). It is called Tiki-Taka (99%) and it follows their promotions of Picky Picky, which was released back in May. 3 months on, the girl group has returned in time before Summer closes out for the year. (The 99% in the title simply misses that there is 1% that a person isn’t satisfied with their lover. Find that 1% and you will be perfect!)

To me, Tiki-Taka goes in a completely different direction to what they have released previously. It still follows the dance-pop genre that we know the group for. Just this one doesn’t have an ‘in-your-face’ type of hook, which has always been the case, as it becomes engraved into my mind with multiple listens. Nor is the instrumental of that nature as well, which has been the case for some of their tracks as well. Instead, everything is very toned back on those fronts. This resulted in a more melodic and vocal-dominant track, which I think was quite nice. This also makes Tiki-Taka so much easier to get into, which has been the case for some of their tracks in the past. The instrumental does fall into that typical route, so nothing worth mentioning. But it very upbeat and definitely a sound/energy rush you would want to hear closing out the Summer month. I say that because we are approaching the end of the season and the track seems to find a nice balance between the more upbeat season of Summer and the more vocally driven sound of Autumn. Overall, Tiki-Taka was a nice surprise from Weki Meki. 

If we were to cut out the introduction and the outro of the music video, I would have been satisfied. The members’ acting has been overly cringy in the past and it felt like that was the case in the music video’s opener and closer. Not even sure what was going on. It seems like the group was listening to some sort of message on the radio/alarm clock (i.e. a mission was being given). One member went to smash it, while everyone tried to stop her. Instead, it seems like they ignored the mission and went to have some fun. In the end, they discovered that the alarm clock followed them, which they were not happy about. The same member goes to smash it, with no one stopping her. As for the group having fun, I don’t find their parts overly cringy here as it was part of the fun concept you get throughout Summer.

Based on what I saw in the music video, the dance element of the comeback looks good. The chorus section and the Tiki-Taka part looks like it is going to be the best part of the choreography. Just nothing really stands out as an amazing section to constantly repeat video performances for. But we will have to wait and see.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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