[Review] Genie – VIINI (Kwon Hyun Bin)

For my next review, I will be focusing on a brand new solo debut. Kwon Hyun Bin, who used to be part of JBJ before their disbandment, signed to be under YGX, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment (which is also home to Anda) earlier this year. And on Monday, Kwon Hyun BIn released his first solo single-album (DIMENSION), which features the title track. Genie. Also as part of his solo debut, he has also changed his stage name to VIINI.

Given that VIINI is signed under a label within the YG umbrella, it was expected that hip-hop would be the main genre of this track. And while I still don’t dabble much into the genre unless it is a release from a mainstream artist, some songs have impressed me in many ways. Genie doesn’t fall into that boat, however. To sum it all up in two simple words, overwhelmingly typical. There isn’t anything that impressive about it and it doesn’t really show him off in a spectacular way that gets me wanting more from the soloist himself. The song has this serious tone to it and features a heavy instrumental, which isn’t all too uncommon when it comes to the hip-hop genre. Unfortunately, it seems the typical nature outweighs the good in this case. But what was good? I thought the chorus had a nice ring to it and I thought the ending (the ‘La La La‘) was a little different twist in comparison to similar tracks.

Watching the video, we are shown two sides to VIINI. The first is the ‘beautiful love story‘ that he mentions. The other is the much moodier and darker side that is feature more predominately throughout the video. And based on the lyrics, he is the one that that breaks up with his lover. He appears to be very harsh and two-faced, capturing his innocent lover in a web of lies (or in the case of the video, a cup), which makes sense given the lyrics I mentioned. I also liked how the producers of the video featured a Goblin drama reference at the start. Overall, I think the video was a good reflection upon the serious tone of the song and the lyric’s meaning.

There really isn’t much of choreography for him, as he stays stationary to deliver his lines throughout the performance. That is a little disappointing, but I understand his reasons why (i.e. focus on the live component of the performance). His backup dancers did all of the dancing and the ladies looked quite cool throughout the performance. It does look like a decent stage, overall.

Song – 5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating –  5.8/10

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