[Review] Baby Come Back Home – TARGET

The second group I want to review today is TARGET, who returned with Baby Come Back Home on Tuesday of this week. If I don’t review this track today, I may end up reviewing the song a month later or possibly even forgetting that they came back. And I blame this all on their promotions. I had no clue that they were coming back until after I saw their dance practice video after their music video release, while the group was hidden away after a bare minimum promotional round for Beautiful, which I complimented thoroughly when it was released back in April.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Baby Come Back Home would be receiving similar comments as Beautiful did. And no, this isn’t one of those moments where I semi-lied to you to declare the song went a notch further. Baby Come Back Home ended up being one of their edgiest releases yet. But it is also their most boring yet. The song delves into dance and hip-hop, enabling a more aggressive sound. And while I do prefer this to a cutesy sound, the song doesn’t have any captivating elements to really appeal to my taste. The instrumental feels very standard and lacks freshness. There is a dance break during the bridge which attempts to change things up with a slightly different tempo. But just blended right into the rest of the song, causing repetition to become prevalent. The chorus, which is usually the major hook of a song, doesn’t have that addictiveness to it. The rapping and vocals were probably the more decent elements of the song. Just it wasn’t enough to compensate the other parts.

The music would share similar comments as well. There was a bland vibe to the video, which I just can’t help but notice when I put the video on. The members were acting cool throughout the video, which shouldn’t be a terrible thing. But I got the impression that some members were trying too hard during this close up. So they came off awkward from what I could see. Their choreography scenes were probably the most captivating section of the video. But I didn’t like their outfits, which added to that blandness that I have mentioned.

The choreography was decent. But it isn’t impressive. The edginess does flow through and I think there is some confidence that one would need moving from a soft concept o such an edgy one, like what TARGET did.

Song – 5/10
Music Video – 5/10
Performance – 6.5/10
Overall Rating – 5.3/10

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