[Album Review] A Delicate Sense (2nd Mini Album) – FIESTAR

The FT Island and BOL4 review that should have been published yesterday and today (respectively) will be published some other time this week. 

It is time for another album review and this time, we will be looking into the past (as per the schedule for Tuesdays). Last week, we looked at HISTORY’s mini-album, HIM, their last release in their careers. Today, we turn to FIESTAR, who was also under the same company as HISTORY. While A Delicate Sense (their second mini-album) was not their last music release in their time as a group, it was their final album release. Released on March 2016, the mini-album features the title track Mirror.  I have also previously reviewed their first mini-album, Black Label, which you can read here by clicking the link.

A Delicate Sense Album Cover

1. A Sip of Lips (입술 한 모금) – Kicking off their final mini-album is A Sip of Lips. I know I might be getting ahead of myself (and this review) here by making this initial comment but in my head, it makes sense to start off by saying this. When you look over the entire album, A Sip of Lips is a great opener to the album. It eases you into the sensual nature of Mirror that follows without going with a sound that isn’t too heavy or loaded. But it is a different story for the song itself (if I were to consider it standalone), it isn’t the most exciting song on the album (nor ever). It is a little typical. I thought the chorus/melody was rather annoying and I can imagine this annoyance accumulating as I listen to more of it. (6/10)

2. Mirror (Title Track) – Upon rereading my review, the rating there is as per the old system (i..e just the one number and not a breakdown). My comments still stand but to better reflect the ‘song’ section of the review, I have decided to change the rating for this album review. Click here to read my review for Mirror. (9/10)

3. Mr. Black – The group continues their sensual vibe with Mr. Black. It fairs better than the first song on the album as it is easier on the ears and less annoying in many senses. I like how husky their voices get in the song, which adds to the sensual vibes of the song. The instrumental keeps the song from feeling slow, which could have been a problem. But the best part must be Yezi’s rap sequence. Instead of something powerful, she opts for whispering, which I think makes her part so much more impactful. I think both routes would have been fine. Overall, a cool track. (9/10)

4. Thirst (갈증) – Once again, the sensual theme continues through Thirst. It is more of an R&B track, losing the dance element that could have come with Mr. Black. Not that this is any problem, because I think this stage would have been fine without one. Listening to the track for the first time, I thought T-Ara (oh, I miss them as well) was singing the song. The vocals were quite similar, and I had to check several times whether I had the right song and artist playing to write this review. Interestingly, I didn’t like Yezi’s rapping in this song. I know she could only fit in with a softer approach, but it felt a little awkward and not fitting as her whispering did in the previous song. (7/10)

5. Come And Go (왔다갔다)Come And Go ends the album with another, you guessed it, sensual vibe song. This one, however, wasn’t as strong as the rest of the album. I think the upbeat side was a tad overpowering and steals the show from the sensual atmosphere. That being said, the combination of their voices, saxophone and seductive melody worked well together. My favourite part has to be the layering of rap and vocals that wrap the song at the end. It drew moments of the song together in a successful and elegant manner that made me enjoy the song. I did have concerns about its plainness for a while, but I think those thoughts are long gone. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.8/10

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