[Review] Firework – Laboum

The number of reviews over the last few weeks have been quite low. I am just so overwhelmed with my work at the moment. But it is always nice to have a break and I thought, why not write one review instead. And that is exactly what I am doing now. Laboum made their comeback earlier today with Firework. It is also the lead title from their very first studio length album. This is their first release since Turn It On, which was released back in December 2018.

Since Yulhee left the group back at the end of 2017, Laboum has gone straight into a mature sound. And while I have liked this change in direction, it seems like it hasn’t really caught on with other listeners. Firework follows the same style and I am not sure exactly how others would receive the song. I personally find the song to have a lot more colour in its sound than their other mature singles. I think that is thanks to their vocals, the rap-like sprinklings and the guitar that dominates the instrumental. Their vocal techniques and the melody was very interesting and very attention-grabbing at certain times. I find the chorus to be very dynamic despite the style they went for. I liked how they upped the volume of their vocals and changed the tempo in the chorus, which both resulted in a lot of boldness and a strong contrast with their more softer verses. I just wanted something a little more explosive, especially with the instrumental, given that the song is titled as Firework. But overall, it was a pretty good song.

With the sound change, their image and concepts have also taken a turn from cutesy to mature. And I think they manage to take it a whole new level with this comeback. It feels a lot stronger in that department. I just feel the video could have been a little more captivating. The video follows the choreography and closeup formula, which can be okay in some circumstances. But I feel like the formula this time comes off bland and boring. I did like their use of lights throughout the video to add detail to the sets or fill up space. But it just didn’t really help out much as a whole.

I think the choreography was nice. Once again, there seems to be a lot of energy in their performance (for the chorus) that was unlike their past mature tracks. I also like the elegance they had during the slower sections of the song. I also think their live performance from today was very strong. From their outfits to the stability of their vocals, it definitely raises expectations for tomorrow and the future performance.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.4/10

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