[Review] BByong – SATURDAY

SATURDAY is back with a brand new single, BByong. We last saw the group through their WiFi promotions earlier in the year. With the BByong comeback, the group has also seen another lineup change. Chohee, Sion and Sunha announced their departure between comebacks, leaving SATURDAY to reform into a five-member girl group. Let’s hope all is well behind the scenes and that the remaining five members will stay together for future comebacks!

The track opens up with brass that is pretty much in your face and dominant. And I actually quite liked that. It made the track colourful and really reeled me in within the first few seconds. The track also had a subtle fun vibe to it, which I think follows on nicely from WiFi. The vocals were pretty nice and I liked how they dedicated the pre-chorus to really zone into this element. The verses contained a fair amount of rapping, which I thought was intriguing. The chorus was split between rapping and vocals. It too felt interesting and the more I listen to the chorus, the more I am enjoying it. While the song still feels like it has a Momoland influence, due to the use of brass and oddly fitting rap breakdown, I find this track to also have an ITZY influence. Certain parts (such as the melody and the start of the chorus) remind me of ICY. Overall, I thought BByong was another decent track from the group. And given the colour and vibrancy that we get from the track, I think this one will grow on me in the future.

The music video is okay. It goes towards that cutesy side of the group that we saw in their previous videos, so it isn’t anything new. It was colourful and the quality felt like the music, crisp and vibrant. The girls were doing a lot of things in the video, such as soap making, travelling to the future, ice cream eating etc. So, in a way, the video is loaded with content. Just not much to really comment on otherwise.

I just found a live performance for this comeback, so now I can write this section. Just my comments aren’t that postive. It isn’t memorable overall. I did like how the centre member spins during that opening line of the chorus. But the rest of the performance felt dull and boring for the song.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 5/10
Overall Rating – 7.1/10

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