[Weekly Chart] 1st Week of October 2019

It is a late post for this week’s Weekly Chart post. Usually, I post the charts early in the afternoon. But in addition to daylight savings (which has thrown my internal clock off balance) and the continuous pileup of work, I have been very busy. This week I celebrated my 8th year posting and expressed my gratitude for the past 8 years. On top of that, I announced that the next few weeks will be very erratic in terms of the posting schedule. I have put album reviews on hold and I will be making a list of songs that I will slowly review once I am freed from the confines of studies. And I will get that list up in the next few days and slowly add to it as the next few weeks go by. In the meantime, let’s look at where your favourites rank this week.

Topping the charts for the second week in a row is TWICE’s Feel Special. It has definitely become one of my favourite title tracks to date from TWICE. Lit by ONEUS comes in second this week, followed by LABOUM’s Firework, which rose one position this week from last week’s fourth place. When It Rains makes its debut this week and Jeong Sewoon places fourth this week. And finally, the Korean version of the Avenger’s, SuperM, who made their debut with Jopping on Friday and just performed for the first time today, places in the fifth position. For more of the charts (i.e. 6th to 30th position), scroll down below.

29th Sep – 5th Oct 2019
Title Artist Status
1 Feel Special TWICE (=)
2 Lit ONEUS (new)
3 Firework LABOUM (▲ 1)
4 When It Rains Jeong Sewoon (new)
5 Jopping SuperM (new)
6 Shall We? Chen (EXO) (new)
7 Fear SEVENTEEN (▲ 4)
9 Devil CLC (▼ 7)
10 Dumb Litty KARD (▼ 7)
11 Workaholic BOL4 (▼ 5)
12 Adios EVERGLOW (▼ 7)
13 Flash X1 (▼ 6)
14 Parallel VIXX (▲ 11)
15 How Can I Love The Heartbeak, You’re The One I Love AKMU (▼ 6)
16 DDD The Boyz (▲ 12)
17 déjà vu Dream Catcher (▼ 9)
18 Run Away IN2IT (▲ 24)
19 Missing TRCNG (▲ 10)
20 Final Kiss IZ (▲ 20)
21 RED The Rose (▼ 9)
22 Umpah Umpah Red Velvet (▲ 17)
23 Spark JBJ95 (▼ 10)
24 Bbyong SATURDAY (▼ 1)
25 Your Gravity UP10TION (▼ 1)
26 Genie VIINI (▲ 20)
27 Call Anytime Jinu ft. Mino (WINNER) (▲ 5)
28 Out Of My Mind 3YE (▼ 9)
29 Baby Come Back Home TARGET (▲ 9)
30 LALALAY Sunmi (▼ 14)

Songs leaving the charts this week include:

  • Bungee – Oh My Girl
  • Missing – TRCNG
  • BIM BAM BUM – Rocket Punch
  • Run Away – IN2IT
  • Spark – JBJ95

Thank you once again and see you during the week!

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