[Review] Blind For Love – AB6IX

The second comeback to kick off the week is AB6IX. The group have proven to be a major rookie to beat, earning awards at recent music award ceremonies and topping the weekly music charts with their debut track, Breathe. Today, the group returns with Blind For Love, which the title track off their very first studio album. I think this is the first time a rookie had released a full-length album within the first year of their career and as part of their first comeback. Let’s see what Blind For Love has to offer.

No doubt that Breathe was going to be hard to exceed (the track has grown a lot on me since my review). After all, their debut track managed to set the bar high for any future release. Blind For Love seems to use that same house genre that Breathe had. But at the same time, it managed to change enough to really be different. Blind For Love did contain one segment as part of the first verse that featured the same lyrics and melody as Breathe, which might be a smart way to carry over the Breathe fanfare to this new song. I have enjoyed the new track as well, with a great vocal opener and the rapping sounds amazing. But not the extent that I had hoped for. The chorus didn’t have that oomph or wow factor that I think AB6IX had in both Hollywood and Breathe (after it grew on me). The song doesn’t even seem to be as catchy this time around. A few more listens might totally change my mind. But at the moment, it seems like I am having deja vu to when I first listened to Breathe and didn’t feel like it was enough.

Something that I am sure every fan and music video player can agree on is how good their visuals looked. And while the extreme close-ups do show off their amazing faces, they also add that dimension of mysteriousness that I noted from before. I also really like the colours of the video. It made everything feel sophisticated and trendy. The best colour combination in this video has to be that gold and black set, which really made me go wow. And with that being said, it seems like the wow factor seems to be in the music video this time around.

While my first impression isn’t related to their performance, I really like their different hair colours. Back to the dance, I really liked how they had that bouncing finger from Breathe in the performance. I also think they opted for a different routine for the Breathe sample. I really like Woojin’s solo moment during his rap sequence and also the ‘Na Na Na‘ movement at the end of each chorus section.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9.5/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

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