[Review] I Go – Kim Jiyeon (Kei – Lovelyz)

I know, I am very delayed with this review. Apologies. Throwing the study card out there as my excuse again. 

It was a very quick teasing process. But Kei (from Lovelyz) made her solo debut on Tuesday under her real name. Kei is the first from her group to actually release a solo mini-album after the group’s debut in 2014. The title track is called I Go and it features on the mini-album, Over and Over. In other related news, Lovelyz has been participating in the TV show, Queendom and recently got a lot of fanfare for their surprising cover of Sixth Sense, which is my favourite performance on the show so far.

Kei is the main vocalist of the group, so it was highly expected that she would debut with a ballad. And with I Go fulfilling the initial expectations of the track, Kei had to bring some extra to ensure she stands out in the crowd of solo acts. And she sure did. I think she was the first soloist to really bring part of her group’s sound into their solo act. While the instrumental is pretty classical-like and it really isn’t much of dance-enabling track, I find the fantastical feel we get from Lovelyz usually was present. It was a nice spin to both sides of the track in my opinion and it ended up being a pretty track. Kei’s voice is very youthful and I am glad she didn’t pick a very serious or emotional ballad as this could potentially drag her down. I must admit that I found the song to start nicely but it got a little too much towards the end. There were one too many layers at the end that made things a little too messy. But apart from that, I thought it was nice ballad to kick off her solo career.

Matching the song is a non-serious or emotional styled music video. The song is about getting out there to meet your partner. But your partner is always by your side, even in the moments where you are alone. I thought the video was put together quite nicely to show this. Kei is alone at the start but ends up tied to this very long white sheet that guides her to her happy place. The long white sheet is like the partner that is beside you, guiding you from point A and point B. I like how the video was presented, with the grass filled reminding me to Taeyeon’s very famous I release. Another thing I really like about the video was the use of colour, which made the video appropriate for every season. It is colourful enough for Summer but feels warm enough for Winter. Likewise for Spring and Autumn.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

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