[Review] Good BAM – N.Flying

Even though it has taken some time to review some songs, do not worry. I am always checking out new releases (and their albums) as they come out. N.Flying’s latest release, Good BAM, is one of the few that caught my attention as soon as it was released. And it has been disappointing that it has taken almost a week to write a review for it. But here t is. This is the groups most recent comeback since they released Spring Memories, which was the followup to their trendy Rooftop single.

I think, given N.Flying’s past tracks that I really enjoyed, Good BAM would have been a better followup single to release to showcase a more mature feel yet maintain that very comedic and fun sound they portrayed during Hot Potato and The Real. Though, I am happy that they found new fans and popularity through their Rooftop release. The song is upbeat and easy-going, great characteristics of a fun night out with friends, which is what the song is all about. I really like the vocal and rapping combination that they went with in this song. I thought it was very dynamic for the casual song and it doesn’t go overboard in any way. There were some catchy moments that I really enjoyed in the song, such as the post-chorus hook, where the singing and rapping converged. I also saw in a live performance today that Cha Hun (the guitarist) also participated vocally in the song, which I think is very exciting as this is the first time for him (though I am not 100% sure if this is the case).

My initial comments in regards to the song can be applied to the music video as well. It isn’t crazy like their wilder music videos. But it isn’t as heavy as their more emotional videos. The video shows the guys having a fun day. Though things were sluggish at first, the fun slowly crept in, which made the night feel more memorable. In the end, we see them get home after a tiring night. But as they say, the night is still young and the group goes out one more time. Though they did manage to forget a phone for a moment and alsmot committed one of the biggest sins of today when going out (One must never forget their phone). Overall, I thought the video was great. It matched the casual vibes of the song and I really liked the neon light writing they had throughout the video to emphasis the English lyrics.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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