[Album Review] Yaho (6th Mini Album) – N.Flying

Sorry about the day late release for this album review. 

N.Flying started this year off incredibly strong with the release of Rooftop, which rose to the top of the South Korean digital charts. The group then returned with Spring Memories which would be considered a pretty unsuccessful comeback, considering it didn’t get them further exposure or onto the charts. Last month, the band tried again with another mini-album, Yaho, which featured Good Bam. And I consider this to be the better comeback to follow up their incredible climb on the charts. But unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to get enough attention. So to help draw at least one or two of my reader’s attention to the album and title track, here is my album review.

Yaho Album Cover

1. GOOD BAM (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for GOOD BAM. (9/10)

2. Autumn DreamAutumn Dream feels like a song fitting for the season that the title suggests. But instead of going with a cliché ballad that the band has previously done before, they throw in a slight rock influence, which gives it a unique spin. I find the vocals to be quite nice in this song, with some flair included towards the end with the high note. I did like its pleasantness, which is why I though it was fitting for the season of Fall. Overall, I find it well balanced between N.Flying’s crazy side and their more mellow side. (8/10)

3. Pardon? (ㅈㅅ) – We return to the band’s wild side with Pardon. It is a fun number that feels full of energy. Unfortunately, the song does come off as a mess in my opinion. There is a lot going on despite its light-hearted direction and I felt that everything vocally felt clumped together. The borders around the chorus felt very blurred and this added to the clumped feeling I got from the song. The song also didn’t have much of a breather, which I would have preferred instead of listening to 2:50 minutes of them just throwing lyrics at us. It is still listenable, so don’t take my negative comments the wrong way. (6/10)

4. 4242 – Now this is the fun song that doesn’t feel like it was a clumping mess. Instead, the band opts for a groovy upbeat track for 4242. Vocally, I thought the song was superb and showed off a fair amount of their talents (singing and rapping combined). I love that jazzy swing instrumental break, which I think would have been really fun (especially if there were a few instrumental adlibs thrown into the mix during a special live performance). I thoroughly enjoyed this song and wouldn’t mind listening to it on a loop. (9/10)

5. Sunset – Finishing off the album is Sunset. It is a feel-good song, where the members literally are in awe with every aspect about their crush. It is another nice yet simple track. If I were to be critical about it, it does stay relatively linear and it does come off a little plain, especially as we get towards the end. But it another enjoyable track from the group and it finishes the album on a relatively good note. The vocals were also nice and so was the melody for Sunset. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8/10

Yaho Teaser Image

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