[Review] HIP – MAMAMOO

Another very exciting comeback today is by Mamamoo. The female quartet returned with HIP and their second studio-length album, reality in BLACK. This is their first comeback since their gogobebe comeback earlier this year and their participation in the girl group competition show, Queendom. (which the group ended up winning as well). I do have a Queendom-related post coming your way, so keep your eyes peeled for that. In the meantime, let’s have a listen to HIP.

I already think HIP is an excellent addition to Mamamoo’s discography, despite it only being released a few hours ago. The track brings their edgy side in an elegant manner. It doesn’t get too wild but it doesn’t get too soft like some of last year’s releases. There is a hip-hop influence that we have seen from the group through their last comeback. I think that hip-hop style really brings out a different side to the group. We get to hear more of Moonbyul rapping, while the other members got to showcase a softer rap-speak style, which I thought was rather cool. We also can’t really talk about their vocals. HIP doesn’t sound like their strongest vocal performance. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great vocal performance. The softer vocals that they went for is rather smooth. I also dig the upbeat dance instrumental, with a lot of ear-catching moments including the guitar riff and the brass to just name a few. Overall, I find it a fun and catchy song that might find itself on top of a few charts over the coming weeks.

In preparation for this comeback, the teaser images showed us what Mamamoo would be like in 3 other alternative universes. These alternative versions were also the main star of the video. Moonbyul could potentially be a music video director, choreographer or a CEO of a successful entertainment company. Hwasa either could be a mother, the president or a music actor. Solar’s alter-egos were a rock star, boxer or a princess, while Wheein was either an environmentalist, indie artist or a painter. Though, I think we all prefer Mamamoo in the 1st universe, where they are the performing group. I did like the concept and I thought it made for an interesting video.  I liked how each universe didn’t feature the member’s alter-egos alone and showed them interacting with one another. For example, Hwasa and Moonbyul paused to take a picture at Wheein’s rally, while Solar is running away from the palace guards. I think the video also shows off the meaning behind of the lyrics well. No matter the outer gear, they will be rocking it because of their confidence. And so should you!

I really like the choreography for this comeback. The routine for the ‘Closer Closer Closer‘ chorus hook looks super cool and the dance breaks (yep, there are a few) adds an extra level of appeal to the performance. I also really like their portrayal of the edgy concept, which is very cool.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

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