[Review] Blueming – IU

One of the most popular soloists in KPOP is officially back with a brand new mini-album!!! IU, dubbed as a digital queen and ‘nation’s little sister’, returned today with her 9th mini-album, Love Poem, and the lead title track, Blueming. Other notable releases from IU  and this mini-album is the pre-release single which shares the same name as the mini-album; and Above The Time, which is the followup track (and music video) to IU’s 2012 release, You & I (excuse my early days of reviewing)I will be reviewing Above The Time tomorrow, so make sure to check back tomorrow for the review!

I expected something a little softer from IU for this comeback for some unknown reason. Maybe it is her previous comebacks and song releases talking to me. So when I heard Blueming, I was pleasantly surprised by its upbeat atmosphere. The rock electro-pop instrumental had a fun vibe to it, which made me instantly smile while listening to it for the first time. And I could tell from the first listen that this song will be rather addictive to listen to. The addictiveness can be attributed to a number of elements. The instrumental for one, especially when it came to the amped-up chorus, really helped engrave the song into my mind. This section alone was my favourite part of the song. The ‘I Feel Blue/Bloom‘ repetition was a close second.  IU, herself, sounds amazing in the song. But this was highly expected. Together, everything went well together and it comes off as a perfect track. And perfection is something that seems to be associated with IU with every one of her albums and songs.

The music video is visually stunning. IU herself was extremely pretty during the video and I loved her acting and expressions throughout the three and a half minutes. My favourite part is the exploding lockers, which was a scene with both good acting and pretty looks from the artist. As for the plotline, I am not too sure about what is going on the video though. It seems like her crush is hitting on her and the feeling is mutual. But when she goes to reciprocate the mutual feelings, her crush takes it the wrong way. I think it is due to the fact that both don’t really talk to one another (i.e. we never see this person and they don’t interact). But once both realize that they need to interact with each other, they do so by ‘exchanging’ balloons (the only words we got from the other party is ‘Read Me’ on the grey balloon), which I am assuming is a metaphor for conversation.  That is my interpretation of the video but I would love to read others, so feel free to share below!

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.6/10

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