[Album Review] Call My Name (10th Mini Album) – GOT7

In the third day of this consecutive album review blitz (yes, that is what I will be referring to the week as), I will be looking into GOT7’s latest album release, Call My Name. This is their 10th mini-album, which sounds very surprising for me. But it honestly shouldn’t, as they have been active for 5 years now. The album features You Calling My Name, which is the title track for this release (link below). Let’s observe the rest of the album and see how it matches with the amazing title track.

Call My Name Album Cover

1. You Calling My Name (니가 부르는 나의 이름) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for You Calling My Name. (9/10)

2. PrayPray sounds like a lot like other EDM-based tracks from other male groups. But there are a few moments that have me coming back for more. The first has to be Jackson’s part in the first and second choruses and Mark’s part in the final chorus. Their voices were so deep and perfect for such a sleek and ear-catching moment. I also thought the vocalists shined a lot in this track, as well. JB and Yugyeom’s part following the mentioned rappers sounded quite vibrant on top of the EDM instrumentation, while Youngjae’s part preceding the mentioned rappers really popped as well. (8/10)

3. Now Or Never (ft. Jonas Blue) – Jonas Blue is a well-known London-based DJ and GOT7 joined hands with him for this track. Now Or Never seems to follow the initial comments I made regarding Pray. It has this typical feel to it. But I think there are a few additional sections in this track that really help make it slightly better than Pray. The incorporation of the piano in the instrumentation was really nice. It made the EDM feel less overwhelming and added a delicate touch to the song, which isn’t something you would say about EDM. I also found the song quite catchy and it had an addictive melody thanks to the instrumentation and the member’s vocals. (8.5/10)

4. ThursdayThursday was selected to be one of the secondary promotional tracks and was performed at their showcase and on music shows during their first week of promotions. My current impressions of the song have been skewed due to the stages, as I have watched a fair bit of them. But I found the song to be a light-hearted (relative to GOT7’s other tracks) and fun sounding during the chorus. I also liked their vocals, with the vocal line displaying rather husky vocals throughout the song. The rappers did more of a rap-singing approach, and this was nice for this smooth R&B dance track. (8.5/10)

5. Run Away – The groovy instrumental was the first element of the song to really catch my attention. It is was very pleasing and pleasant. The second element is the rappers. They had very interesting parts. I really liked how Jackson jumped in during the second verse. Mark and Bam Bam’s lines had a smooth delivery and I thoroughly enjoyed that popping effect in the background, despite their parts being practically hidden in the song. Finally, Yugyeom really shined in this song. Not only did he get a large chunk of this song, but his voice is also extremely well suited out of all the vocals in the song. (8/10)

6. Crash & BurnCrash and Burn was also the second secondary promotional track that GOT7 performed at their showcase and the first week of promotions. The track is very different from what we have heard on the album so far because contains a lot of tension. And it is because of this tension that it feels more like the GOT7 that I am used to. The line ‘till I crash and burn’ (and its associated melody) was keyed into my memory bank and this has me coming back for more. Bam Bam, even though had short lines, was probably my pick for the standout member, with either JB or Youngjae following behind very closely. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.5/10

Call My Name Teaser Image

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