[Weekly Chart] 3rd Week of November 2019

[Update: I just opened my Twitter and saw that Goo Hara had passed away. At the time of posting this chart, I was not aware of the tragic news. My deepest condolences to her family, friends and fans.

As I did last time, I won’t be posting anything on Monday out of respect for Goo Hara. The posts will be begin again on Tuesday and I will reschedule the album reviews accordingly.]

Welcome to the weekly charts for the 3rd Week of November 2019. Sorry for the late post. Usually, I post the weekly charts a lot earlier in the day (which makes way for another post in the evening). But due to personal reasons, that didn’t fit my schedule today. I am also actively working on the ‘album review blitz’, where I publish one per day. It won’t be possible today, but there will be two coming your way tomorrow. But until then, let’s have a c look back on the past week.

Taking the top spot on the charts this week is Mamamoo’s Hip. Not those hips, but the song Hip. I waited a while to use that pun. Hahaha… Excuse my lame sense of humour. In the second position, this week is Seven O’Clock’s Midnight Sun. In the third position, it is last week’s number 1 song, GOT7’s You Calling My Name. IN2IT’s ULlala: Poisioning clinches onto the fourth position, while ASTRO’s Blue Flame rounds out this week’s Top 5. For more of the charts, scroll down below.

17th Nov – 23rd Nov 2019
Title Artist Status
1 HIP Mamamoo (▲ 1)
2 Midnight Sun Seven O’Clock (▲ 27)
3 You Calling My Name GOT7 (▼ 2)
4 Ullala: Poisoning IN2IT (▲ 40)
5 Blue Flame ASTRO (new)
6 Numb CIX (new)
7 As You Wish WJSN (Cosmic Girls) (new)
8 Double Knot Stray Kids (▲ 37)
9 Astronaut Stray Kids (▼ 3)
10 Blueming IU (new)
11 Wannabe Golden Child (new)
12 Above The Time IU (new)
13 Blind For Love AB6IX (▲ 10)
14 Wonder Woman Brown Eyed Girls (▲ 12)
15 Sweet Chaos DAY6 (▼ 10)
16 Nostalgia Night VICTON (▼ 1)
17 Savage A.C.E (▲ 10)
18 Run Away TXT (▲ 1)
19 Flower Shower Hyuna (▼ 5)
20 Love Me NU’EST (▼ 17)
21 Dumb BVNDIT (▼ 13)
22 Lit ONEUS (▲ 23)
23 Poison VAV (▲ 22)
24 Aight Jung Daehyun (▼ 2)
25 Moonlight Aria ARIAZ (▲ 11)
26 Follow MONSTA X (▼ 19)
27 Blah 1THE9 (▼ 11)
28 Orgel Sungmin (Super Junior) (new)
29 I Like That Lee Jin Hyuk (UP10TION) (▼ 5)
30 Aurora Rainbow (▼ 5)

Songs leaving the chart this week are:

  • Dumb Litty – KARD
  • Feel Special – TWICE
  • Parallel – VIXX
  • How Can I Love You, When I Love The Heartbreak – AKMU

Thank you once again and I will see you in the upcoming album review post!

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