[Album Review] The Table (7th Mini Album) – NU’EST

The next album review (as part of the album review blitz) is for NU’EST latest album release, The Table. I debated whether to write an album review for The Table as my first listen didn’t really show anything promising. But I am glad I gave it additional listens, as it eventually unveiled an interesting side to NU’EST that we have yet to hear before. So alongside Love Me (the album’s title track), let’s see what else the album has to offer.

The Table Album Cover

1. Call Me Back – Opening The Table is Call Me Back, a light tune that eases you into the album. Considering the title track, Call Me Back is fitting as the opening track as the lightness carries through. And considering the brighter tone of the entire album, it also makes senses for this to be the opening track. The instrumental is island-like and features a fair bit of guitars. The vocal work is good, and the rapping iterated the playful vibe that was felt throughout the song in a bolder manner. (8/10)

2. Love Me (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Love Me. (8/10)

3. One Two ThreeOne Two Three brings out the vocals of the members in a very pleasant and enjoyable dance track. Once again, the lightness is very prominent, and this plays well with the vocals. Listening to this track, I found the entire chorus to be the most promising part of the track. Those vocal melodies during the chorus helped make the song feel golden. The rapping was not part of the chorus, but I liked how JR was allowed to lead into the chorus in an equally as pleasing manner to the vocals in the track. (8/10)

4. Trust Me – It seems like NU’EST is on a roll with this light and soft concept. Trust Me takes you back into those descriptions but manages to make them sound completely different from what we have heard so far. The harmonies really helped the song shine and helped the song achieve a smooth feel that really stayed with me even after the track was completed. Another really good aspect with this track is that the instrumental feels somewhat heavier. (9/10)

5. Stay Up All Night (밤새)Stay Up All Night features an even heavier instrumental (compared to the preceding track). As a result, the lightness trend that the album had going didn’t end up carrying over. But this isn’t a problem as the ‘heaviness’ was in no way overbearing (it was still relatively soft to other tracks by other artists currently). Despite the ‘heavier’ impression, I liked how the song manages to feel bare during some parts, which is a very interesting aspect. This gave way to even more epic vocal moments, such as when the song stripped away the instrumental in the bridge and allowed for the member (I believe it is Ren) to sing by himself. (9/10)

6. If We (우리가 사랑했다면) – I was very surprised to find out that JR was the owner of the vocals that opened the track. His voice can be very rough when he raps, so to hear smooth vocals from him was really cool. But what genre would warrant a rapper to sing? Well, the song is a ballad. It doesn’t feel so in the verses. But the choruses really made sure that we knew it was a ballad. Each member managed to sound raspy in this song and I think this gave the ballad in interesting and memorable texture. The melodies were also really good, as well. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.5/10

The Table Teaser Image

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