[Review] Curious About U – Lee Jun Young (U-KISS)

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U-KISS may be inactive at the moment due to military enlistment and the departure of few of members recently. But one particular member has still been active in the midst of all of this. Lee Jun Young (otherwise known as Jun) has been busy with his acting career. He also has been busy in Japan, making his solo debut in Japan with Phenomenal World earlier this year. And now, Lee Jun Young has returned to Korea to make his Korean solo debut with Curious About U.

It has been a while since I have heard a dance track like this. Majority of the dance tracks that you hear very often today are usually EDM based or electronica. But Curious About U takes a band approach, which is very different and refreshing. It might not be an actual band (though it surely sounds like one) but I appreciate its willingness to be different from the rest. I liked the thumping drums at the start and how it stayed throughout. I thought the melody of the chorus was very catchy and clean-cut. And to top of the instrumental side of the performance, I thought the song had great energy, which made it even more memorable. Jun is commonly known to be a rapper. But through his appearance on The Unit early last year, it was shown that he was an all-rounder. Interestingly, Jun doesn’t rap in this song, focusing all of his energy on the performance and singing. And he has a really good voice that shines in this track. Overall, a super duper good debut track.

I thought the music video was pretty good. Just the subplot that we got in the video was a little odd. Essentially, detective Lee Jun Young is tasked on finding a murder. There is no body (though I assume someone official took it away). But there are envelopes left around with a suspicious lip-print on it. So, it is shown that the female actress walking away is the murderer. But who did she murder? Well, throughout the video, we saw Lee Jun Young following a lady, so we were to assume he was the murder at first and the person is stalking is his victim. But I think at the end, the video showed that Lee Jun Young was murdered, with himself being the prime focus of the images (i.e. he was the target). That might make sense, given that when he plays detective, he is in a black setting (i.e. he had died) and explains why there is no body.

It would be nice if the title of the YouTube video would contain the title of the song so it is easier to find. I honestly thought for the longest time that the song is titled Gallery.

The dance was really cool. Not only did it show off some of his skills but it looked really fun and energetic at the same time. This is all based around the music video, so I am wondering how the performance would look like on stage. No doubt that he would channel the same vibes into the live performance. But it looks promising.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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