[Review] Levanter – Stray Kids

Stray Kids is nominated for Best Male Group and Best Male (Group) Choreography. In addition to that, all their 2019 releases (Miroh, Side Effects, Double Knot and Astronaut) are eligible for Best Song of 2019. To support Stray Kids, click here to vote for them and your other favourites of 2019.

Stray Kids has had a jam-packed year. The group have previously released 2 mini-albums this year, with Miroh and Side Effects leading the albums released in March and June (respectively). And now, the group have moved onto their 3rd mini-album of 2019, Clé: Levanter. The title track of the new album is Levanter and it also features Double Knot and Astronaut as pre-release singles. The album was also scheduled for release at the end of November. But due to the sudden and unexpected departure of Woojin, it was pushed back to 9th of December (today). Their first concert went ahead at the end of November prior to this comeback, as well.

After the release of everything mentioned above, Stray Kids have a lot of shoes to fill when it comes to Levanter. And within one listen to the new song, I was confident that the group had managed to fill those shoes without any issues. Levanter manages to find the middle ground between Double Knot and Astronaut, in my opinion. The song opts for a lighter than usual instrumental, going with mixture of synth and rock vibes in the background. I liken this element of the song to Astronaut, which was notably light in comparison to the rest of their discography. However, it is undeniable that the song features a strong level intensity. The chorus also has these epic vibes that remind me of Double Knot as well. The song is also very much vocally centered, with the vocalists of the group pushing their voices further during the chorus to enhance the epic impression of the song. I found their voices to be very piercing and this stood out during the chorus. The rappers, even though felt limited, sounded really cool during their parts. Overall, Levanter is an awesome track.

Once again, I do not want to dwindle on the music video for long as I will be returning with a Stray Kids music video theory post some time in the new year for you all. While doors have been a recurring theme in their past few music videos, I am still equally as confused as before when it comes to how the Leventer music video plays into the existing story line (and possible connection to their past music videos). But I hopefully shall unravel the story line some time in the new year (though, I would love to read about any theories you may have). Visually, this is a really good video. The members looked good and the sets looked really cool (and I think they were designed to remind us of the previous videos). I thought the graphics in this video was very cool and it felt pretty much different to anything that we got before.

Something that I felt very strongly when watching the choreography was how loaded it felt. It seemed to match the heaviness and deepness of the lyrics in a way that felt powerful and strong. Also, Felix gets a mini solo moment, which I am looking forward to! And the rest of the dance break looks really cool!

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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