[Album Review] 360 (2nd Mini Album) – Park Ji Hoon

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Between now and the end of the year, there will be three more album reviews (inclusive of this one). The first of the final three 2019 albums to be reviewed this year is Park Ji Hoon’s 360. His title track also shares the same name as the album. This is strong album from the solo artist, further highlighting his potential in the industry. Former co-member of Wanna One, Kim Jae Hwan, also participated in the album by co-writing the lyrics of the final track, Strange. To see what I thought of it, keep on reading!

360 Album Cover

1. I AM (Introductory Track) – Usually, I do not review the introductory track as it tends to be just an instrumental piece of some kind. However, if it contains vocals, I will include it in the review. Based on these criteria, you can tell by now that I AM contains Park Ji Hoon’s vocals. The track kicks off with a soft piano start, before transforming into a full-fledged EDM dance track. I really like his vocals in this song, especially paired with the background vocals and also the way he emphasised the English during the ‘chorus’ of the intro track. I also thought this was a nice and bright lead into the title track, 360. (8.5/10)

2. 360 (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for 360. (9/10)

3. WhistleWhistle takes a brighter approach, reminding the listener of Summer. It is super energetic and the instrumental even contains some subtle island sounds, hence why is suits the hotter months of the year. Park Ji Hoon does a really good job with his vocal work. His rapping, on the other hand, felt a tad too heavy and serious for the upbeat sound. I really liked the chorus of the song, with the ‘Whistle, Whistle now, Oh Oh Oh…’ keyed into my memory bank. I also like the fancy piano bridge we got. But it did feel a little ill-fitting for such a vibrant and energetic sound. But apart from that, it is a good track. (8/10)

4. Hurricane – When I saw a track titled Hurricane, I expected something a little more erratic than a smooth sailing track that Hurricane ended up being like. It isn’t a bad track, but I wish that Park Ji Hoon’s production team would be a little more ambitious with his sound. And besides, I feel like Park Ji Hoon would suit an edgy song. The song included some flute work, which did sound nice. His vocals did feel a little tight and I think it would have been a little nicer to hear some space in his vocals during some parts, especially paired with an easygoing and light-ish sound. I did like the chorus and the odd ad-lib that Park Ji Hoon throws in the background. (8/10)

5. Casiopea (닻별) – It seems like my prayers that I mentioned in the previous song’s review are answered. Casiopea is distinctively different to his previous tracks, throwing a whole heap of that requested edge. It has sharp impact to its sound through its snare drum-like instrumentation. I also really liked how they kept on pushing the song by adding to the instrumental. It helped it develop the song and really gave it a dynamic touch. His voice helped inject a bunch of textures throughout the song, which I thought was really cool. His rapping is also quite unique, very unlike his other tracks. (9/10)

6. Still Love U – The last two tracks on the album are the softer tracks on the whole album. Still Love U still has the upbeat sound to it and I can imagine a nice choreography routine paired to it. I thought the beat was cool and consistent, but the instrumental felt somewhat bland. His focus on vocals really showed in this song. As a rapper, there is a bit of a husky and raspy tone in this song, which really helped the appeal of the track. Given the lyrics, it is a sweet song which I am sure would appeal to fans as well. Overall, not bad. (7.5/10)

7. Strange (이상해) – The final song on the album is Strange. It is an R&B track with sweet lyrics, ending the album on a very positive note. Interestingly, the song doesn’t really get into the ‘strange’ territory. There is the odd quirk with a sudden deep autotune twist at the mid-point of the song and few other smaller sections throughout the song. Park Ji Hoon’s shows off several different vocal technique in this track that showcases his capabilities. But whether he nails it, I am not too sure. I really like the chanting part of the song, which was my favourite bit. (7.5/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.2/10

360 Teaser Image

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