[Review] White – The Boyz

Merry Christmas again! The second Christmas related review of the day is by The Boyz, who released a Winter single titled White on the 6th of December (which was also released on the exact date that they debuted on 2 years ago). It is the group’s third release of the year, following Bloom Bloom and D.D.D. The group also made their Japanese debut with the predominately Korean track, Tattoo. However, it wasn’t all positive news this year as Hwall withdrew from the group in October.

White starts off with a sample of Feliz Navidad, one of the many songs that is blasted throughout shopping centres every Christmas (not that I am complaining…). But it soon transform into a different track, losing its Christmas carol feel. Instead, it transform into a lighthearted track that suits the festive season. The bells you associate with the season is probably the more prominent element of the song that relates the song to the Winter season. The deep brass that appears when it changes from carol into song and the post-chorus reminds me of childhood and the music that my parents used to listen, while the rest of the track (verses, chorus etc.) felt practically like a typical KPOP track. The vocal work is pretty standard but I think them all singing together helps make the track a lot more warmer and homely. I also really like the rapping, as it gave a little more to the festive song.

The music video shows the members waiting for the first snow to fall, having fun in the snow as a group, preparing for their night Christmas party and other activities. Honestly, it is the type of video that makes sense for the Christmas season (i.e. the coming together of everyone). They were shot in a manner that made the members look cute. I don’t despise of such videos, but they have a very limited appeal in a very limited time frame before it is long forgotten.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 6/10
Overall Rating – 6.6/10

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