[Review] Thumbs Up – Momoland

Happy New Year!!!

Momoland has returned just before the final day of the year with Thumbs Up, which is what I am considering the final major release of the year. This is the group’s first release since I’m So Hot from earlier in the year. The group also went on to release Pinky Love in Japan. More recently however, the group had to reform into a 6-member lineup due to the departure of Yeonwoo and Taeha (and presumably Daisy) from the group.

Many people have been disappointed with the group’s reliance on brass and structure ever since Bboom Bboom. It seems like I am one of those listeners who think differently and feel that any slight twist is enough to make it feel different. I personally think Thumbs Up is amazing. It is a song full of energy and vibrancy that is definitely fitting for the celebrations within a few hours. It is a definitely a little more versatile, as I am sure I will be listening to the song due to its catchiness and addictviness in the new year and weeks to come. Sure, it does sound mainstream and could use a little kick towards to the end so it doesn’t sound too repetitive. But Momoland was literally put into the spotlight with a repetitive song. The catchy ‘Thumbs Up‘ literally has become stuck in my mind and I feel like this hook is a little more lively than their most famous track’s hook. The rapping in the second verse is usually a miss for me. But I feel like the rapping this time around is a lot cleaner and clearer. It could have been left out, but I am not too picky regarding it this time around. Overall, another great song in my opinion.

Momoland operates Momo Express in the music video. Not exactly sure of the relevance of the packaging/delivery service to the song is. Maybe the group is using the ‘well known brand’ as a way to show that they have a following and whatever they do in the business earns them attention and ‘Thumbs Up‘. After all, they manage to delivery a package to the moon. The music video is already quite colourful, but I would have loved the video to have a little more pop to it. I also felt like the dresses weren’t as fitting.

Glad that they infused the Thumbs Up action into this performance. It would be a complete mistake to forgo the action that they are singing about. The dance is simple, so I can imagine it catching on quite easily. The rest of the performance looked really nice, showing a more elegant side to the group.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.1/10

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