2020 is offically upon us, while 2019 is officially behind us. I think many people might be glad to hear that, since 2019 can be described as one of the crappier years of KPOP. But at the same time, we have been blessed with a lot of amazing songs, debuts and comebacks throughout 2019. With the latter point and based on another strong performance for the blog in 2019, I have no plans on stopping reviews, as I know 2020 will be an exciting year as well.

2020 is going to be a big year for me on a personal level. I will be taking a big step into my adult life. Essentially, I am moving out and starting a new job, which is very exciting and daunting all at the same time. I am telling you this because I do expect this to have an affect on the blog during January and February. While I do endeavor to post reviews for all the “major” releases, they may be a few days late because of my change in environment and system. I think it is best to let you know ahead of time before you think I am picking favourites or think I am being exceptionally busy in this new year.

For some of the current segments that I have on the blog, I will need to schedule in their return as my move will be happening in the next week. The schedule will be as follows:

  • Weekly KPOP Charts – Returning Sundays (1st Weekly KPOP Chart of 2019 will be posted 5th January 2020).
  • Album Reviews – Returning Sundays and Fridays (1st Album Review will be posted on 12th January 2020. Note that no album review will be posted on the 5th, 10th January and 2nd February 2020).
  • Past Album Reviews (PARs) – Returning Tuesdays (1st PARs will be posted on 14th January 2020).
  • Review of End-Of-Year Performances from SBS, KBS and MBC Music Festivals (Returning Segment) – This will be posted on 10th January 2020)
  • 2019 KPOPREVIEWED Awards – Song/Artist categories Winner Announcement (This Will Be Posted on 1st February 2020)
  • 2019 KPOPREVIEWED Awards – End Of Year Charts & Song Of 2019 Announcement (This Will be Posted on 2nd February 2020).
  • International Song Review segment (New Segment – to replace current Japanese Song Reviews) – Saturdays (1st post will be posted on 18th January 2020).

There are also a number of other segments that I will want to revisit including Missed Reviews (for music videos), Music Video Theory Posts, Special Review posts. But these can only be scheduled once I have them in motion and my footing in my new environment. A new segment that I want to bring to the blog in 2020 are Revised Reviews (where I pick some reviews that my opinion has changed and essentially update them). I also wish to revise my Saturday Japanese song reviews into a new International Segment, where I will review any song released by a Korean artist. This new segment will feature a quick review of 5 or 6 songs and will be posted on Saturdays once I have fulfilled that quota.

At the end of 2019, I also promised you to complete a ‘catch up’ of some tracks that I missed. As 2019 wrapped up, I realized that my goal set was not achievable and had to drop it. Throughout January and February, I will be bringing back the ‘catch-up‘ review, where I reviewed 3 tracks in one post. I may need to work on the format of this review to match my current format. This may also become a pernament fixture at the end of month to help cover songs that should be reviewed but I am unable to due to my schedule and other commitments.

But for now, reviews will still be coming your way starting Monday and I will try my very best to stay up to date! I hear ATEEZ, SF9, VERIVERY, B.O.Y, DreamNote and many more are returning this coming week! So a lot of keep up with!!!

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