[Review] Fiesta – IZ*ONE

It has been a rough end to 2019 for the female group IZ*ONE. Originally, the group was meant to return in November (presumably with the same title track and album). However, the group was whisked into a voting rigging controversy that occurred throughout the Produce 101 series. As IZ*ONE hails from one of the seasons where vote rigging did occur, the group went on hiatus (along with X1). Fortunately, IZ*ONE was able to push through the hiatus (X1 unfortunately disbanded at the request of the individual companies) and, as of today, return to promotions with Fiesta and Bloom*IZ.

As expected from the title of the song, Fiesta, the song is a colourful mix of sounds that is bound to get your attention. Whether the song is an appealing mix will definitely depend on the individual due to the unique sounds that the song features. We start the song off with what I would describe a typical pop instrumental for this current era. But it is one that showcases good producing talents. I liked the thumping beat which gives its a slight dramatic flair. The chorus is where the song gets a little wacky, thanks to the use of very squeaky horns. It was subtle at first when the members are singing, but it gets turned up a notch during the post-chorus instrumental break. I personally thought they gave the song a very unique character and helped the song in the charming department. Vocally, the song showcases a more powerful side of the group, which I really like (as you may know from past reviews).

I thought this was a stunning video. Let’s start off with the visual of the members. Their outfits and their closeups all make so damn beautiful. I am not exactly familiar with each individual member (I don’t follow the Produce 101 seasons closely). But this is the type of video that makes you want to learn everyone’s name. Secondly, the video features some of the best post-production editing I have seen in a long time. I definitely appreciate this and love the polished feel it gives off. Oh, and the video is colourful, as one would expect.

Two things stood out for me when it came to the performance for Fiesta. The first was regarding the bounciness of the chorus, which I thought was pretty cool. The dress twirling also looked cool. The second aspect which I liked was the pre-chorus formations, where they be walking and dancing at the same time. It is the little details that can make or break a routine and I think the group nailed it.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

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