[Review] Dazzle Dazzle – Weki Meki

The next artist that needs to be reviewed (according to my list of comebacks) is Weki Meki, who made their return yesterday with Dazzle Dazzle. 2019 saw the group return with Picky Picky and Tiki Taka, which I enjoyed moderately and forgot the existence of the two songs quite soon after. I do know that since their last comeback, Yoojung did go on a hiatus to attend to some health concerns, but has returned as part of the full lineup for Dazzle Dazzle. Let’s find out if the group is able to dazzle their through this review and get a high rating.

To me, the song reminds me of the many female tracks that we got over the past few years that just never got popular in the industry. But guess what? Many of those songs were totally big highlights and standouts to me. And it seems like Dazzle Dazzle is going down that under appreciated route. Sorry to say that, but given the other big name artist that just dropped their new track today, Dazzle Dazzle will definitely be overshadowed. But here are some reasons to why you should check out this track. Firstly, the energy coming from the instrumental is so infectiously fun. The brass, the very bubbly synths and the synthpop backdrop in the chorus was just a fun and vibrant combination. The vocal work was pretty good. I really liked how they toned the track down for the bridge and how it allowed the vocals of Doyeon and Suyeon to be showcased in the limelight. I am not usually one to enjoy this, but I thought it was a good change in this song. I do find the rapping a little standard, but it was fitting for this track when I think back. The song was also smothered with catchy hooks, which definitely is appealing. Overall, I think the group did managed to dazzle me with Dazzle Dazzle.

Despite it being a pretty video, it wasn’t much to it. There some diamonds and other stuff to give off some dazzling effect. But I think the producers could have been a little more creative when it came to the music video. Maybe they could have revolved it around the diamond or something that dazzles. That is probably is a lame idea. But the video honestly needed a little more of something to give it some sort of memorable element. On a more positive note, I did think the video had a nice pastel colour palette and highlighted the visuals of the members in a beautiful manner.

I find the performance of the song pretty unique. The foot and hand move they did during the chorus and verse actually looked cool. It is probably very hard considering they need to move their limbs while balancing on one leg.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.9/10

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